October 18, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Peter H Armitage







Watching raindrops running down the glass

Waiting inside for the storm to pass

Others are gathering, over there en masse

Getting their instructions from the Top Brass


Nobody knows for who they’re intended

Some will be short, some will be splendid

With thunder clouds they are so distended

Clashing and banging ’till their energy’s expended


Now they have gone and left a rainbow

The gods of thunder defeated their foe

Sun coming out, wind ceases its blow

Thor with the hammer he’s careful to stow


Safely kept ’till next time it’s needed

To a new destination, he rapidly speeded

Crossing the sky, his travel unimpeded

To the site of the next battle, totally unheeded








Your account has been blocked for a reason

Same old emails, whatever the season

Nigerian diplomats used to abound

Offering money, enough to astound!


Aimed at the gormless or simply greedy

Responding made no sense, even if needy

They’d empty your bank and never blink

If you didn’t ‘Employ Brain’ and stop to think


Now they’re more subtle, you need to take care

Mail ‘out the blue’ from heaven knows where

They will try to trick you, do not respond

Not even in the moment, often known as blonde


Don’t know the sender? Move it to Spam

Show no concern, they don’t give a damn

Just take a moment, when op’ning your mail

‘Cos to them, your bank’s The Holy Grail








Jam tomorrow’s where it’s at

T’other fellow’s just a prat

Now we’re in election mode

Searching for the Mother Load


Missives coming thick and fast

Not the first and not the last

Must use the latest ‘nology

Inbox full, without ‘pology


She’s going to win without a doubt!

It’ll soon be over bar the shout

Oh look at that, he’s raced ahead

The Polls are saying ‘He’s not dead!’


Do you believe them, like in the past?

Or shall we wait the Poll that’s last

The Media’s having such a scrum

Some say we’re thick, some say we’re dumb


It’s down to you, it’s down to me

We’ll cast our vote and then we’ll see

When t’shoutings over and all is said

We’ll carry on, BUT in our head


We know we’ll never see that Jam

Instead we’ll feast on yet more Spam








Walking along without a care

What on earth is that? Over there

Must look again, try not to stare

There’s an Aardvark in the car park


Why is that so very peculiar

I’m not kiddin’ or tryin’ to fool yer

No one was lookin’, well very few wer’

At the Aardvark in the car park


It came across, ready to speak

‘Been going round for more’n a week’

‘Think my car’s playing hide and seek

Said the Aardvark in the car park


‘Shall we look for it’ sayeth I

With a bit of a glint in my eye

‘OK, we can spread out and try’

Agreed the Aardvark in the car park


I asked him if the colour he knew

‘This is so very kind of you’

‘If I remember right, it’s blue’

Remarked the Aardvark in the car park


Up ev’ry row, we searched back and forth

Covered the park from south to north

Seems to me he’s a proper warth

That lying Aardvark in the car park






Peter H Armitage

Peter writes poems about everyday life, politics, animals, gardening, ailments etc.  Some should make you smile, some should make you think, some should provoke a response.  He has self published his first book and has a second one well on the way, he has also dived into social media. Go to www.peterspoetry.me.uk for more information.

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  1. Ron Larson October 19, at 03:20

    Clever humor. I enjoyed them. They remind me of the poetry of Gerald Manley Hopkins.

  2. Peter October 18, at 07:48

    Many thanks for publishing my poems.


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