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JoAnna Girard Kelly Poster




Home Street – Sweep


Based on a true story about our hurricane survivors



September 2017 was a time in our history when the world

for most deemed to end. Our indigent were left alone

inactive and frightened, forced to attend the circus by the wind.


Listening to the rotating gale spoiling trees, debris

glides in the hefty breeze, as bits of buildings whirl in the

atmosphere all the while they try to sleep.


No one was there to comfort or help them, no one seemed to care.

They hid helplessly, hoping to survive, only to find those in control

so cruel and discussed they didn’t disappear.


For them to survive was not the plan, and made the greedy bitter

at the results. You see, it was expected on that night they were

not supposed to survive, the rich considered it an insult.


Now they gather looking for support, they cannot find a helping hand.

They are given a choice of a FEMA camp or the clink. Shipping them

off to unknown lands, never to be seen again.






JoAnna Girard Kelly Poster

JoAnna Girard Kelly Poster is a poet, writer, author, educator, and information technology professional. She resides with her husband in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with one well-loved rescued pooch. Together, they share five children and many grandchildren.

Together, hand in hand, and as we walk with her on the beautiful path of life, she hopes you enjoy her poem called, “Home Street – Sweep” based on a true story.

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