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Daniel de Culla




Lost Horizons: Shangri-la



Where are you going James Hilton?

Where are you going, sad about you?

-I’m looking for my Lost Horizons

On the great bluish mountain of the Karakal

In Baskul, Afghanistan.


-If Tomás Moro is already dead

In his Utopia, I saw him

Hidden in a Shamballa

Beyond the snowy mountains

From the Himalayas range.


His body was guarded by the British consul

Hugh Conway, his assistant Charles Mallinson

Christian missionary Roberta Brinklow

And the American merchant

Henry D. Barnard.


There was also King Kong

Who died for our sins

Guardian of Shangrila

That to the bridal couples that are coming

He don’t let in, only between weeks

And to the lusty gentleman, who faces him

Because he wants to get inside


He kicks up a great fuss:

-You, not. The beautiful lady, first;

He answered


-But if you are my father

And I am Your son, Viejo;

As Charles Darwin says.






Daniel de Culla

Daniel de Culla is a writer, poet, and photographer. He’s member of the Spanish Writers Association, Earthly Writers International Caucus, Poets of the World, (IA) International Authors, Surrealism Art, and others. Director of Gallo Tricolor Review, and Robespierre Review. He participated in many Festivals of Poetry, and Theater in Madrid, Burgos, Berlin, Minden, Hannover and Genève. He has exhibited in many galleries from Madrid, Burgos, London, and Amsterdam. He is moving between North Hollywood, Madrid and Burgos; e-mail: gallotricolor@yahoo.com

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