October 16, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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MD Mbutoh




Insanities of Power



Stubborn skulls beneath

angry brotherly boots,

Gnashing teeth over

Sisterly necks clenched,

Amid thirty-six iron fingers.


Company with Owls,

childbirth over the barrels,

Loo the necks of they who come

From Nazareth, wrench their

necks at the womb’s door,

And a terrorist is slain for dictator’s peace


Voices fan revenge ov’r sealed lips,

Power eunuchs manhood, insanity on thrones, sit upon sealed ears!

International Community are 63 year

Silhouettes dangling like impotent penises!


A bullet on a scale is 3k,

And that is the weight a life is worth,

A wicked finger on a trigger and silence

Sings a lullaby over fuzzy eyes,

And the peace is forever slain in pieces.


The insanity of power is the keg in which

Anarchy is blindly cocked, spun to

Turn round and round like old

calabash over silent tears of blocked

dissidents’ throats.


I am a Cameroonian minority voice

neighing in the middle of the forest – it

may be too late by the time a sincerely

Concerned ear harkens to me…ferocious

panthers clothed in sported green hide

roaming this forest with coughing claws.






MD Mbutoh

MD Mbutoh is an award winning Cameroonian poet who is restless about the human condition. His area of interest includes human rights, gender awareness, good governance, international policy and public action. He has works published in journals, newspapers, and anthologies in countries like India, Ghana, Nigeria, UK, Cameroon, and USA. His latest poetry collections are: Dance of the Kangaroos (2018), published by Spears Media Press, USA and Refugee Republic (2017) published by America Star Books, USA.

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