December 13, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Mariangela Canzi







Brown-eyed children

with no dreams at all

war hunger violence

are your mates


Children of killed lands

with no dreams at all

bombs are your music

cans are your toys


Children whose names

I do not know

children of ruined lands

who look at me in wonder


No straight answers

I have for you


is yet to come.









To the proud losers

who chase their goals


To the bold pioneers

who share their passion


To the kind forgotten

who keep their dignity


To the strong poets

who spread their words


To the sweet dreamers

who grasp their moon


To the brave politicians

who destroy their walls.






Mariangela Canzi

Mariangela Canzi is Italian mother tongue, translator. Her passion is the English language. She started writing poems about two years ago. It was a joke, it is now a challenge and a pleasure.

She tries to express her feelings and thoughts about life and the world.

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  1. lawrence morra December 16, at 07:49

    Mariangela, yes It is always a noble thing to do if those who have so much remember to extend beyond themselves to those in need. That said, I see the world offering too little hope to humanity as a whole because unhappiness and injustice are increasing at an alarming rate in many Western Nations now which is only making the planet a more unstable place. Sadly I fear the human race is tearing itself apart as these imbalances continue unabated and the general populations see their material gains or wealth decreasing as the cost of living climbs higher while at the same time the politically powerful and rich are becoming more so each passing year, making for a world of the "haves and have not’s!" I think lack of good leadership and many governments getting more out of touch with the majorities within their populations and mainly serving the interests of the elite while appeasing more and more throngs of indigent within those populations of these Western Nations; all at the expense of the middle class! But so fittingly your writing about “Determination” is very good for all of us to keep in mind especially now in these very difficult societal times because the world is faced with ever increasing challenges, all of which will take great determination on the part of all Nations and peoples! To you my Friend I say keep sharing your thoughts in poetry and add to the chorus of inspiration that is present in the world but needs to expand worldwide so we all remember not to lose hope! God Bless You and Yours!

  2. Mariangela December 15, at 16:09

    Elaine, thank you so much for your kind feedback. Much appreciated. I do agree with you. We must stand with the forgotten, those who are suffering while the world is not caring for them.

  3. Mariangela December 15, at 16:06

    Thanks a lot for your beautiful words, Raj. I share your hope. Justice must come one day!

  4. Mariangela December 15, at 16:04

    Lawrence, I am deeply grateful to you for both your comment and support. We always have to commit to protecting those in need and those suffering from cruel wars or famine. It is our duty since we are leading a rather easy life and we must have a meaningful goal to reach.

  5. Raj December 15, at 13:23

    They are heart touching mariangela, Loved them! You described so beautifully and yes justice is yet to be served.

  6. Elaine Battersby December 15, at 10:20

    Thanks for sharing Mariangela,a wonder ful grasp of the often forgotten suffering Of the most vulnerable in a world full of Self absorbtion. Well done.

  7. Mariangela December 15, at 09:57

    Grazie mille, Maria. Apprezzo molto il tuo commento. Credo che occorra sempre sostenere chi soffre a causa di guerre, violenza o carestia. Dobbiamo affermare i nostri valori umani.

  8. Mariangela Canzi December 15, at 09:55

    Many thanks for your touching words, Silvana. I tried to express my feelings. I think indifference is our enemy.

  9. lawrence morra December 14, at 23:39

    Mariangela, I read the poetry and to me they were both very good with descriptive choice of words that convey the emotion and images that are the reality about which you write! “Children” did give me the definite feeling of sadness and great loss in lands that have been for decades overcome with corruption and ravaged by war making them near chaotic! Your feeling at a loss to say anything that can change the situation it did give me a sense of the despair the people living that nightmare must be feeling! “Dedication” was very uplifting to me because as you did describe with your words the value of being dedicated or determined to a cause whether it be out of need to support ones family or be successful reaching a lifelong goal or even just an adventurer who wants to be able to meet a challenge for the sake of overcoming it! But regardless if what we actually achieve is what was our original intent or goal, we must be thankful, fully appreciating what we actually achieve as a blessing and inspiration to always move forward for tomorrow brings new opportunity! The real take away is that the key to success is dedication and just making sure to believe in one's self no matter how bumpy or how many twists and turns or even detours come up on that road to one's personal success! Thank you very much for sharing these poems with me and I hope to see more here as time passes! Many Blessings to You!

  10. Silvana December 14, at 21:23

    Mariangela, your beautiful poem is poignant, drawing our attention to an abominable neglect regarding those poor souls whose faces are ravaged with grief and pain lost in the rubble of a senseless war which has crumbled the walls of all the Syrian cities to dust, including sacred Palmyra, a Unesco World Heritage site.

  11. Maria Giurgiu December 14, at 20:23

    Mariangela, aceste poezii oglindesc sentimente minunate ?i încredere în adev?ratele valori umane! Sunt un îndemn pentru oamenii puternici, buni , curajo?i la ac?iuni concrete pentru a face lumea, un loc pu?in mai bun ?i suportabil ?i pentru acele victime ale r?zboaielor ?i nedrept??ilor de tot felul. Sincere felicit?ri! Versurile tale sunt remarcabile!

  12. Mari December 14, at 19:42

    Many thanks for your wonderful words, Jerry. Much appreciated.

  13. J Swarts December 14, at 17:13

    Mariangela, these poems are both excellent muses, and important in their bolstering good intentions in a world that is often heartless and unjust. Well done!


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