December 14, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Soren Paul Petrek







Young children have no enemies

Until they’re taught to hate by

People who have forgotten why

a thousand years have passed


The sound of starvation

made by millions wandering

hollow and shattered

in a garden of plenty


Allied to wealth we bomb

Families die while the world

Flips through the channels

And forgets the innocent.






A Tower West Of Yemen



Obscured by clouds

There’s a tower above

Are you there?

How can you be?

Can’t you hear me

wailing in anguish

Are your windows

shuttered against me?

Can’t you see my child

Covered with flies

starving, bloated, dying

because you want more?






soren paul petrek

Soren Paul Petrek

Poet and award winning novelist, Soren Paul Petrek has been writing since his early teens.

Cold Lonely Courage and his other works are available on Amazon. He intends to publish his book of poetry, Mountain in the near future.

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