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Child Marriage: Solving the consequences and policing the right policies

By Ebi Robert   A sure way to achieve peace is respect for human rights –                       Child marriage is malice to Humanity.

Shadow Government: For Grimace Or Gain?

Joseph Penney/Reuters   By Ebi Robert   No Government can be long secure without a formidable Opposition” – Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881) Former British Prime Minister.

Nigerian Police release me after giving them 1000 naira

Tony Karumba/AFP   By Ebi Robert It was indeed a funny experience in the hands of the Nigerian police on 29 August 2016. I had just finished a visit to a friend’s place and was going home in a tricircle, aka Kene, when I was stoped by the Nigerian police in Yenagoa, close to Aritalin […]

The Misconception of Birthday

By Ebi Robert There is a plethora of debatable conceptions, convincingly expended by people without any form of probing in their use. While some use such words which might be compound or not, without doing the probe, others like me access the permutation of letters and end with a ‘why’, where the need arises.

Poetic License: A Poesy Definer?

By Ebi Robert “Human analogy can never explicate the dogma of poesy”