Nigerian Police release me after giving them 1000 naira

September 1, 2016 OPINION/NEWS




Ebi Robert

It was indeed a funny experience in the hands of the Nigerian police on 29 August 2016. I had just finished a visit to a friend’s place and was going home in a tricircle, aka Kene, when I was stoped by the Nigerian police in Yenagoa, close to Aritalin junction in Bayelsa State of Nigeria.

The police man asked me what was inside my bag. I told him it was my laptop. He then asked of the receipt. For crying out loud, he does not expect me to go everywhere with my laptop receipt. This was my offence, because my laptop receipt was not with me. Besides, there was no incidence of a stolen laptop. I explained myself to him, but he insisted and took me to the station.

One funny action was that the police officer drove the tricircle with me in it, without the owner, to the station at A Division in Yenagoa. He explained the matter to the police recorder, who introduced himself as Inspector Adu. I then explained my own side of the story. By then I had already contacted an inspector who arrived in the cool of the night. He introduced himself after which a call was made through to reach the patrol team that was no longer there, I mean the team that arrested me. They said they were on their way.



We waited for them but to no avail. The recorder called them several times, but still no response. I was sure it was a deliberate attempt. After some time, the inspector and the recorder started discussing what they experienced in the fight against Boko Haram. Of how, some of them died in a surprise attack. I heard of a story of man who was about to retire before he was killed. Soon, the sergeant leading the team arrived. But to my greatest suprise, the sergent leading the team snubbed the inspector, entered the van and zoomed off. Then I knew that all was not well with the Nigerian police. This action angered the inspector.

By then I was inside while the inspector was outside. A police sergeant then met me and said ”Instead of you to rally round and get small thing for us, you dey go call police inspector. You go sleep here today.” Before this statement, the police inspector had left for home to get some monies. Before this, the recorder had just received a sachet of acohol to clear his dim eyes. In my mind I mimed: God take control. Later the recorder called me out. We sat down outside and I started schooling him in some things of the Law. He was so interested. We spoke at length before the inspector came with a thousand naira and I was released.

This is my story!




Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert is from Bayelsa State of Nigeria. He is a poet, essayist and playwright. Born in 1990, he has written many poems. Among them are ”Moon Poetess’, ‘A love mathematics’, ‘Lord of My Love’, ‘Nigerian Girl’ and many more. He has also co-authored books: ‘Emanation, Foray into forever’ edited by Prof Carler Kaplan, ‘Epitaph’ Edited by Kiriti Sengupta & William S Peters, ‘Love a Four Letter’ word edited by Raja Williams, ‘Tribute To Mandela’ edited by Prof Matiu Olawuyi, ‘Epistles of Lies’ edited by Agarau Adeyemi and Iruesiri Samson, etc. His proven poetic prowess is evident in some of his uncommon write ups, which earned his ‘Pantoum’ a place in  the current issue of Asian Signature, a literary journal. Other mediums that have featured his works are, poetic diveristy, the Union Newpaper, to mention a few.  He is currently studying Law in the Niger Delta University of Nigeria.


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