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Fiji: A darker side of paradise

Tim Wimborne   By Amnesty International Under the military’s dominance, the Pacific island nation of Fiji has seen an ingrained culture of torture take root among its security forces, a new report by human rights NGO Amnesty International states.

Continued fighting in South Sudan must not derail Hybrid Court to try war crimes

Simon Maina/AFP   By Amnesty International Continued fighting in South Sudan must not derail justice for crimes committed during the deadly conflict that began in December 2013, said human rights NGO Amnesty International and FIDH in a joint briefing published yesterday.

Govt inaction on inequality means women work four years longer than men

Jenny Vaughan/Mercy Corps   By Alpha Jallow According to new figures released today by international NGO ActionAid, women are working an average of four years longer than men during their life, largely because of their greater role in housework and caring for children, the sick and elderly. Around the world governments are failing to take action to deal with […]

Over 37,000 South Sudanese Sheltering in UN Protection Site

By Peter Louis An estimated 37,200 displaced persons are currently seeking protection at one of the two UN peacekeeping bases in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, according to a population count held at the UN House protection of civilians (PoC) site in August.

Aid workers voice concern over violence and insecurity in DRC

By Darell Maurice Concerned with the ongoing deterioration of the security situation and an increase in violence against aid workers, humanitarian organizations operating in the Congolese province of North Kivu have expressed their frustration at the growing insecurity affecting as many vulnerable people as humanitarian workers.

Amnesty calls on Sudan to investigate student killing

By Michael Organ The human rights NGO Amnesty International has called on the Sudanese government to investigate the killing of an eighteen year old student by intelligence agents.

IOM targets vulnerable populations in remote areas of South Sudan

By Peter Louis Rapid response teams from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) are addressing the humanitarian needs of crisis-affected populations outside of displacement sites in South Sudan.

The sex trade and global human trafficking

By Anant Mishra Introduction Today, human sex trafficking stands as one of the biggest challenges in the arena of International Relations. Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry victimizing over 2.5 Million people in a year. To this, sexual slaveries are one of the largest contributors in human trafficking.

Questioning the intelligent use of foreign aid: Diplomacy all the way

By Anant Mishra Introduction Not long ago, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, on the occasion of International Migrants Day said: “Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future.”

Struggle of the Common Man

By Cynthia Meru “God give me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can change and the wisdom to know the difference.” This is the prayer I hold close to my heart and it is with great courage I write this article to all organizations, be […]

Concerned expressed over sentencing of activists in the DRC

By Byobe Malenga Following the conviction of six LUCHA activists to two years in prison for “disobedience to authority” by the tribunal of the Grand Jury of Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the defense team are now seeking an annulment of the verdict.

The Uganda Village Project

By Johnson Grace Maganja The Uganda Village Project (UVP), a charitable organisation, has been working with the people of Iganga to promote public health and sustainable development in rural communities since 2003. Johnson Grace Maganja had an exclusive interview with UVP Executive Director Leslie Stroud-Romero.

“More than Just a Welcome Mat”: Protecting and Promoting Human Rights in Post Conflict Societies

By Anant Mishra “The recognition of victims as individuals and holders of rights is essential in any attempts to redress massive human rights violations and prevent their recurrence.”

Development of Society and NGO Culture

By Sattar Rind The world has changed a great deal in the last few decades, something now perceived by everyone.

Humanitarian Community Appeals For $1.3 Billion To Assist Over 5 Million People In Need

By Peter Louis The South Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan for 2016, which was officially launched yesterday in Juba, requested US$1.3 billion to respond to the most life-threatening needs of 5.1 million of people across South Sudan.

Zimbabwean women to benefit from 3rd World Women Conference of Women’s Shelters

By Mathew Masinge On request of the Global Network of Women’s Shelters (GNWS), the Dutch Foundation of Women’s Shelters and its partners organised the 3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters from 3-6 November 2015 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Discussing ‘Peacebuilding’ and ‘Post War Recovery’

  By Anant Mishra Nations that are gripped in war, at the final stage of conflict, have the obligation to transform from a state of war to a state of peace and stability. This period however is a phase of severe instability and economic slowdown in the region, thus the condition becomes extremely difficult for […]

Trial of former rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda begins at the ICC

  By Sylvain Muyali Nicknamed ‘The Terminator’, General Bosco Ntaganda was one of the main perpetrators of the violence that decimated the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2002 and 2003. Yesterday he was at the International Criminal Court in the Hague for his trial for crimes against humanity.

South Sudanese people say ‘Enough is enough’: The suffering must end

  By Peter Louis Enough is enough with regard to the suffering of the people of South Sudan. The international community are now called upon to take action in the event of the two warring parties failing to sign a peace agreement on 17th August 2015. On Friday in Juba hundreds of internally displaced persons […]

Parliament calls for the release of two DRC activists

  By Darell Maurice The European Parliament last week called on the Democratic Republic of the Congo authorities to “release immediately and unconditionally” Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala, two activists of civil society arrested in mid-March in Kinshasa.

Interview with GreenAid executive director Tabi Joda

By Houmi Ahamed-Mikidache Executive director of GreenAid International, Tabi Joda, is from Northen Nigeria. With GreenAid, an international organization, Tabi Joda wants to involve more women in waste management in Northen Nigeria.

World Wide Watch and Dubai Port World say No to illiteracy in Senegal: Every child should have the opportunity to attend school

By Alpha Jallow Located 200 km from the Senegalese capital of Dakar on an island in the Saloum, the small village of M’bam was the convergent point of people from all walks of life as this weekend a new model school was inaugurated.


  By Anant Mishra Around the world, hundreds of thousands of lives, societies, and economies have been devastated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. When disease strikes, children are one of the most vulnerable.

Combating Gender Based Violence

By Anant Mishra Achieving Gender Equality in Post 2015 “The most pervasive human rights abuse in the world today, violence against women and girls is a manifestation of gender-based discrimination and a universal phenomenon which has tremendous costs for societies.”

Appeal trial adjourned in the case of murdered activist in DRC

  By Darell Maurice The Supreme Military Court of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Kinshasa earlier this week ordered an adjournment to 30th July of the appeal trial of five police officers charged for the murder in June 2010 of human rights activist Floribert Chebeya.

NGOs question allegation of corruption filed by DRC President

  By Darell Maurice In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) associated with the protection of Human Rights are questioning the complaint lodged earlier this week by President Joseph Kabila calling for an investigation into acts of fraud, corruption and money laundering.

Plan International and the Keeping Children Safe Coalition: Say Yes to keeping children safe

  By Alpha Jallow Following an independent assessment by the Keeping Children Safe Coalition, the child rights organisation Plan International has become the first in the sector to be awarded Level One certification in keeping children safe.