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The Budget: Head vs Heart?

AFP photo   By Hazel Speed The live UK Budget broadcast had a most surprising twist for this writer, but first let us consider the presentations in the order they took place. I leave the fine detail to the link herein but rather, my observations were as follows.

Judge not lest ye be UK Court Judges

Dan Kitwood/AFP   By Hazel Speed This story has really angered me. I will not go into the full detail as it is outlined herein but sufficient to say how the UK still needs a modern day Robin Hood when it comes to hoping for any justice as an ordinary individual up against the Establishment, […]

Sheer hypocrisy!

Damir Sagolj/Reuters   By Hazel Speed So the Government has backed down and will not be requiring UK businesses who hire immigrants that undercut British workers to be named and shamed.

Parity – Mugged in a Political Alley

K Wootton   By Hazel Speed We quite often hear about Parity in ‘this or that’ or between genders and age-groups. Some types of parity will begin in the future, other models of parity may commence soon or immediately, even further forms remain under debate either within the House of Commons or ‘the Other Place’.