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April 21, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

Sometimes, it is said, that people can wait for something for so long, that when the optimum moment arrives, the message has been superseded by events, or usurped by others.

When listening to Mr Corbyn‘s speech to a gathering of his faithful supporters (either traditionally acquired or purchased via the internet), it was quite sad, and one cannot help but feel sorry for him.

Mr Corbyn gave an incongruous presentation flitting from one subject area to another, like a bee collecting pollen from a variety of flowers. He referred to the system and/or the Government regarding things being rigged, yet he voted for the General Election and backed the will of the people in the Commons regarding Brexit. It is paradoxical in that if it wasn’t for the General Election he would have no facility to give this speech in the same remit. So if it is part of being rigged, why did he vote for a General Election?

He said he was accused of doing things differently, not doffing his hat to the great and the good, but if he were elected it would be the people in power not the select few. That needs some clarification as to its meaning.

Mr Corbyn then went on to list all the people he would help from A to Z including carers. It was a Labour Government, a while back, who moved the goal posts in respect of Carers’ Pensions so they were cheated out of the same and are now part of the WASPI campaign (who Mr Corbyn has claimed in Parliament to support).

He referred to the select few who avoid tax, this and that, such as Philip Green but this Government has addressed that issue – likewise the big corporations who avoid paying taxes, therefore he is going over old ground.

If Mr Corbyn was elected he has promised great things to those on his wish list that it would be totally impossible to realise. He wants to help the many – not the elite few – as he sees things presently.

As for rigged systems, one cannot recall selling Party Membership via the internet as being anything but a dubious metaphorically rigged system of sorts, even if legitimately monitored and audited, as they were paying en mass to undermine the norm, like a fan club, Mr Corbyn being the star that rocks the Labour Party, which is self-undermining and defeating. It has not worked and never will.

Having over 300,000 (I believe he claimed in Parliament), within his Party will not, in itself, impress nor get him elected considering their dispersement within various constituencies.

Everyone may agree that Mr Corbyn is a good man with a kind heart and I believe he is, but I only once saw him speak with political passion in Parliament – all other times his remarks, sadly, come across like urgent shopping lists – statistics and categories, presented in frustrated anger. He would be better to concentrate on a few issues in depth with slow sincere moving anecdotes that are relevant thereto.

He says he will not undermine Brexit yet his ideas in that direction are tantamount to a good bit of air-brushing here or there.

To be frank, I think Mr Corbyn has missed the political bus and someone such as Stephen Kinnock would be a better leader for Labour. Even Mr Kinnock Senior admitted recently that he doubted he would see another Labour Government in his time.

Labour has not moved with the years, and they took the wrong direction when Tony Blair was elected, as he was so eager to retain the power base which Mrs Thatcher enjoyed, that he sold the Labour soul and with it the traditional Labour voter, so the Party veered off course then did not have the opportunity to grow and evolve in Government.

I also heard an incredulous radio interview with someone speaking on behalf of the Labour Party on the Eddie Mair programme on Radio 4. They were asked countless times how they would change things and what was being ‘rigged’. They could not answer one question – it was the worst political interview I think I have ever heard.

Labour is a spent force and their message is not in line with the issues in the main, and when they do seem to be directing attention towards any subject of merit they do not say ‘how’ they will change things.

Mrs May has already proved her strengths and enormity of what she has achieved for all the people, therefore if the Labour Party are hoping to overtake her then they had better unveil the 2017 model of the flashy vehicle as soon as possible – as the showroom looks empty right now apart from posters in the window, all rhetoric used for previous models.

If Mr Corbyn can replicate the powerful presentation that day in Parliament and maintain the same kind of zeal, then he could have a greater influence, but it has to come from the heart regarding something of personal experience, or outline of moving dilemmas faced by one or two of his constituents – telling us how he can help ‘them’ on his first day at No 10. Now that would be most powerful indeed.









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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