October 1, 2011 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

In this month’s issue poetry by: Denise allen, Lourdes E. Acevedo, Dave Paquiot, Brad Frederiksen and Gilles-Marie Chenot





On sisters


Lourdes E. Acevedo


Flitting eyes, tripped my gaze

for so much of my life


Turning heads, turned mine

I tried to be beautiful


It is only now

my new sister’s laugh

Persephone’s knowing embrace

that brings me here


I see my heart and her love

She sees it too

and we look to each other

and we can feel, with, the girl flitting by



I must take back Paris


Lourdes E. Acevedo


I must take back Paris

It is not the place of his honeymoon

I can’t bear to imagine

When they landed, the star in their flutes

Their names written in bubbles on a wall still scented

With love-making

Who stays in their room now?


I must take back Paris

Not the place of my youth

I can still smell

The rust of hostels, air of hot nights

S’s of cigarettes in cafes and Strangers met again for

Picnic dinners

Wine drunk on the Seine


I must take back Paris

Not the place my once friend

I don’t hear from

They know her name, she goes there often

Her voice in her glittery work

In grey rain

A foil to these grey walls


I must take back Paris!

Isn’t it easily occupied?


Paris for this day

Paris of my own light

blowing ghosts back to shadows

discovering new senses

new corners to take flight


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  1. Selma October 12, at 04:53

    HI David. The rhythm and tone of your poems sweeps like silk. Beautiful!

    • Dave Paquiot October 14, at 05:58

      Hello Selma, Thanks for the reply. Sorry I was slow to get back. I didnt know there were comments. Val was kind enough to encourage me to let the poems see the light of day. She deserves more credit than I can ever give her. I took a look at your blog, I was smitten, I love your humor that comes through, especially the line: "I have written lots of books and would like to get one published before I die or before the sherry I drink for medicinal purposes destroys my ability to distinguish the present participle from the dangling." Classic! Look forward to reading more of it Dave

  2. Selma October 12, at 04:52

    Aaah, Brad. The idea of finding springtime in one's step is delicious. Brilliant!

  3. Selma October 12, at 04:50

    Hi Denise. Two excellent poems. One thing I really like about your work is your dedication to social commentary. Your sense of empathy for the disenfranchised always inspires me. 'A Grey Day' really moved me, especially the image of going home to a plastic covered cardboard box. That really got to me. Very well written.

    • adeeyoyo October 12, at 11:22

      Thank you so much for your generous comment, Selma. I only wish my poems had the power to make a difference.

      • Dave Paquiot October 14, at 06:03

        I'm sure your work makes an impact. I like your diction and the structure of your poems !!! Look forward to reading more on your blog

  4. Selma October 12, at 04:47

    HI Gilles-Marie, I enjoyed your poems. I particularly like the image in Hyatt Hotel Harbour of 'Where the blues has no limit.' Very cool.

    • gmc October 25, at 12:20

      thx for your comment,selma, and sry for this late answer, i didn't notice it.

  5. Selma October 12, at 04:43

    Hi Lourdes. I really enjoyed your poems, in particular 'I Must Take Back Paris.' Very well done!

    • Administrator October 11, at 16:05

      Thank you Denise, both for the good wishes and for contributing two wonderful poems! :)


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