November 1, 2011 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY








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  1. Warren A. Woodard November 08, at 05:09

    an Empathic journey of conceptual purpose can be found, sacred elements in a passing through of selfdiscovery are waiting~ orbiting in dance,well lit and looking deep tirelessly and endlessly a woven path emerges from within a multi dimensional Way ,a cautious desire to endeavor all my senses: feel, smell and taste to discover meaning from the 'woven path', I feel concentric, going round and listen to an ancient sound -drums, a cadence of Rhyme and Reason...I feel someone is watching, my progress within the cosmos. I enjoy..., beautiful work that evokes happiness in understanding

  2. Ronald Fischman November 08, at 04:10

    Lovely use of light to create chiaroscuro verismo. Shimmering crystals reflecting on each other. Very cool!


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