January 31, 2012 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY

Sandra Wichman shows nature’s vibrancy through a rich array of colour, at the same time highlighting human failings and the ultimate reliance upon. The viewer is drawn deep into each world within, be it this unspoilt mystery, or a hiding place for man’s inadequacies, mistakes and consequences…

Peace at last, redemption or regret. The following deal specifically with this theme. A misunderstanding, confusion or wrong on man’s part, all set against that most natural backdrop, where nature moves forward, man’s backwards step clear for all to see.

We can only hide so much. Sandra brings light to these lows, ever eager for an answer to human weaknesses. Through all of her work, human/nature is an abiding theme; always keen to shed new light on, looking to those questions unanswered, forever in awe of nature’s own secrets.


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  1. Leon Travanti February 07, at 22:38

    Sandra's art is incredably fresh and stimulating - the rhythms and patterns which move across her surfaces draw me in and keep me focused. The color is intoxicating - let's see more of this work!

  2. Selma February 05, at 23:40

    I like the use of colour and form very much. There is a richness and vividness with the use of the floral motif that adds a certain ambience to the work. Very, very good!

    • swichman February 07, at 05:31

      Thank you, so much, Selma. I am so humbled by your comments. I use the intense color to offset the dark thread in many of my paintings. Thank you, so much. SWichman


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