May 1, 2012 Editorial





In May flowers bloom, days grow ever longer and there is the palpable emotional shift in response to the seasonal promise of never ending summer days and sultry nights.

When I look out my window I see leaves just breaking free of the restriction of winter exile and in a way Tuck is also growing and expanding as the spring progresses. We are rapidly adding to the list of countries represented by many talented writers, poets, photographers and artists. In the coming months we are going we are going to delving more deeply into the arts as a way of life rather than an external act performed by a select few but increasing the number of interviews in each issue and adding something to tickle your funny bone. 

This issue is all about art as the higher calling, not in the religions sense but rather in the spirit of passing along wisdom through creative expression. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our feature interview with poet Yahia Lababidi who was generous enough to give of his time to answer my questions regarding his own relationship with words and the muse. You can also enjoy watching and listening to Yahia giving a live reading of the poem What do Animals Dream,  from his collection, Fever Dreams (Crisis Chronicles Press 2011)

Michael Organ probes the mind of talented photographer Achim Koerfer in his seven questions interview, his answers are revealing, his work technically ambitious and thought provoking.

Selma Sergent our books editor takes us to the heart of ghetto with her review of Dancing with disillusion by poet Mario Canto. Her deeply moving review will and should urge you to buy this book but an emerging and ruthlessly talented young poet. 

As always we are sharing the work of original and gifted writers, some well on their way down the path to publication, others just testing the waters and seeing how it feels to share their art. This is of course the passion and foundation of Tuck and in May the following writers will entertain and enlighten you: Jacqui Rowe, Yoshira, Andrew ‘ink’ Feindt, Heather Grace Stewart, Marcus Speh and Swan Rose. 


As always, you the reader are the main attraction at Tuck and your visits are important for the support of the artists who share their work here. Enjoy the month of May by indulging in as much art as you can handle both here at Tuck and wherever the muse is hard at work. We’ll see you back here in June with something truly fantastic. 


Val B. Russell

Managing Editor






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