June 1, 2012 Editorial

Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, black, white, oriental, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist…

or still an undecided fence sitting agnostic, June is the month for you! All you really need to be is a lover of art, poetry, music, fiction, photography and oh did I also mention that rock legend Carole Pope has granted this lifelong fan her deepest wish, allowing me to pester her with my questions.  Her new CD Landfall has been released and if you haven’t heard it then you  are missing out on some of the most lustrous vocals of her career.  Always provocative, daring and direct, Carole has some interesting things to say about her life, music and fame.


Photography this month is haunting and important to view. Art editor Michael Organ’s eloquent words introduce you to the reality of this world for many people through the compassionate and clear lens of photographer Michel De Groot. These images are heartbreaking and unforgettable but need to be seen.

Artist Rubien Cukier turns Tuck golden this month and I do not exaggerate when I state that his art is some of the best I’ve viewed in months. Moving, thought provoking and sometimes disturbing, Cukier exposes some human truths with his brush.

Selma Sergent gives a splendid review of Skip Fox’s volume of poetry Sheer Indefinite. Very few reviewers possess the sensibility and insight to do any book of poetry justice which is why you need to read Selma’s precise and profound reaction to Skip Fox’s poems.


You are going to love the fiction and poetry for June.  Some familiar as well as some new artists  generously share their brilliant words. When you finish reading their work, please check out their contributor page bio and check out their websites. Indie artists love your visits and as they till new ground creatively you are getting the best of the best in originality and talent from around the world.


Sit back, read, view and enjoy your time here, your visit is why we exist.


Val B. Russell

Managing Editor

Tuck Magazine







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