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  1. Administrator June 06, at 20:30

    Your words here are exactly what I felt when viewing that photograph Michael: <strong>"Elsewhere those learning are shown. Disease ravaged, incurable by hope, cared and comforted in finality. Fight that unstoppable in time by prevention, studented basically, no answer yet in sight. See yourself in another light watching your own self exhibited to fear."</strong> It is no small thing to encapsulate so many complex feelings related to mortality and suffering in one finite space but you have done it superbly and the photographs are the work of a photographer who is an emotional alchemist with a huge heart. Thank you Michel De Groot for sharing your photos with us and thank you Michael Organ for such a poetic and tasteful introduction to some heavy duty subject matter.

  2. Dhyan June 04, at 14:30

    I am not sure if that is the accurate thing to say but they are beautiful. Shocking, moving and disturbing but also striking you with their beauty.


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