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Poets for June : Kelvin Obareti, Gail E Taylor, Lauren Sheerman, Marsha Berry, Peter Wilkin and Cheryl D Faison…


They were happy people,
Living their daily life joyfully.
Although they had little,
They were glad to share with one another.
The kind of love they exhibit is unimaginable.
It was indeed a true love.

There was no electricity to watch T.V,
But they were indeed a happy people.
No power supply to light their homes and street at dusk,
But they tell each other moonlight tales,
Even till its very late
As the dark night was nothing to be afraid of.

They were happy people with no cars,
But they cared enough to walk long distance in search of each other.
Love was the fuel that kept them going.
No phones or e-mail to contact each other,
But they always had each other on mind.
That was the best way they could keep up to date.

There were no such things as birthday or Christmas,
The only time they observe was full moon, market days and yam festival.
They lacked so many basic amenities like clean water,
But as a happy people, they were contented with what they had.

No aerosols to kill deadly insects, but they had unpolluted air.
They wake up in the morning with no money,
Yet they have plenty to share all day long.
They were happy people, living life the best way they could live it.

To be continued…




Kelvin Obareti


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  1. jackie April 11, at 03:45

    What a great talent you have Lauren for words x

  2. mummy May 22, at 17:40

    my darling Lauren your poem about daddy is so touching it made me cry i love you xxxxx

  3. Beth Winter June 12, at 18:53

    Wonderful poems, both with a depth of emotion and superbly crafted. What an honor to read such vulnerable beauty.

  4. Dhyan June 04, at 14:33

    this was wonderful way to learn a place without ever coming to

  5. Ronald Fischman June 02, at 14:58

    I was impressed with this powerful paean to what matters when I fist saw it. I'm glad it got acknowledged by showing up in print. Families should live this way - behave as if there were no distractors first, play video games later.

  6. Starr Poetress June 01, at 19:33

    Sublime has amazing skills that one can only strive to achieve... much love Cheryl

  7. max June 01, at 19:17

    Touching, engaging and sublime..

  8. Craig June 01, at 15:17

    What a sophisticated picture the author painted. I'm a huge Sublime fan, please continue to bless the world with your poetry as only you can..

  9. Marousia June 01, at 14:39

    I love these two poems - life is so short and so precious


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