Daniele Mattioli’s images are powerful and true, an insight into humanity often clouded by worlds rich in disillusion. To the eye’s mind pictures breathe, living; a daily fight against control.  The following five from Cambodia and Shanghai show us mankind’s taking and giving. Allow yourself into and feel.


Uniformed to forget, a tired mind partners a tattered soul, questions answered by actions undone. Faulty by design, the mind closed to being, a day halved from thinking; corporate power crushes individualism’s last hope. Running from and to conform, exercising conscience in a city lost, thoughts are controlled on an ongoing treadmill, the wheel turning.  Offices expand by minutes once owned, no end in fight, plight signed away for ‘life‘. Memories jogged to disbelieving, created, the daily pulse of a machine screaming.


One town to another city, one country to the world, a heart buried deep below an edge forgotten, knowing only a self within. Greed bleeds as others breathe its ashes, life pushed aside to ideals wasted, poverty rich in decay. Privacy from feeling, the world’s curtain to shame showing, dictating distraction to those looking downwards; inequality the new norm. Elected to change, slums reborn, politics halting progress; humanity long forgotten. Survival in an uncaring world, discarded today, dead tomorrow.


Alone in thought, reality’s betrayal harsh as a man sees clearly for the first time. Relocated to a hellish whole high above ground soulless, the past crumbles to the present, future blind, lives demolished for living. Numbers jump as mankind is pushed backwards, tumbling to a despairing rubble, truth told in lies lost and lessons lent; modernity failing as humanity withers.


Struggle in dream for the right of being, physicality a reminder of our fight against the self. A dispute on words lost, exchanged misgivings, an anger from a past sought in longing. Feeling fought to corporation’s thoughtless cause, the demise of beginning from a soul lost in winning; what the machine doesn’t see. Ageless in heart, one man against another to truth seeking, belief belying that given. Human nature resorts to its last.


Clearing death by living, obstacles evil in creation, devastation their only goal; a sick truth of war’s ugly ideal. The sun shines down on a land steeped in danger, no more unnatural for death to lie waiting in earth growing. One brush to explosion, a skillful hand never doubting; the intricacy of fearlessness. Placed to dismember, guilt from responsibility gone, a dictatorship elected to fear. Intimidation to touch lost to those true, the soul defeating control, humanity’s protectress rising high.


Armoured without wings, hope and truth live on.


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