August 15, 2012 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY

Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine













 Introduction by Michael Organ


Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka’s art lives and breathes in musical colours, each its own song singing. Art alive to feeling, true interpretation of the soul, Majeshi allows us to become a part of, from the inside looking back in. Dance to his rhythm of everyday being.

All around the stark glow of light’s only answer rages, the blur of a seasonless sun caught in heat’s stir, an everyday haze gasping in a drought of living. Light from a wintered white burns and blows, flowing to forever’s hum, the earth nurtured to another soul, all that is real floating in the swirl of a wind still. Deciphering colour to each eye feeling, a landscape shadows those breathing, the reality of life shining,  a basis of being. All elements combine, prevailing; a Mother and Child as one.


Wide eyed through a kaleidoscope of everyday, life blurs to normality merging as a chameleon to surroundings true, a view through a thousand eyes peeping. The dark of everyday light glows indistinguishable in the hum of human nature, buzzing to a chorus of hush rustling, sleepless to not being. Eyes pierce through wooded green, a sheen breen of tomorrow and today’s toil, the necessity of everyday. Mankind in and against that given, the carrier the body the heart and soul. Alive in light, with nature, one.

Caught in a memory of everyday the unspoken song of expectation, a rhythm singing. By time blind a colour reimagined to brighten, music individual to feeling, a natural hymn in movement felt. The moment repeats, racing, its own beat dictating, a soul alive to the timeless pulse of being. Life by the rhythm blurs, a note struck with each breath taken.


To see, close your eyes and feel. The beauteous calm of colours felt, an explosion of togetherness gliding through time to a place unknown, to words unfound. Soundtracked by the gentlest of chimes rhyming, an undiscovered now is sought from a future lost in forgetting. To another indeterminable, two as one.  The bold sparks of strength strike dark clouds waiting, souls entwined; as one, being.

In distant song a world is created, man from nature breathing feelings new, a heart alive to rhythms rolling. Through passion emotions communicate, life new to souls giving. A sound to a past, a borrowed memory not yet known, remembering tomorrow; the daily beat of now. Through the melodic mood of love giving, the natural drum of a heart beats. 





First Born Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine







No Easy Task Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine






Reason To Dance Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine






She Is Part Of Me Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine








Mtwara Rhythm Hassan ‘Majeshi’ Msaka Tuck Magazine








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