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Introduction by Michael Organ


Oded Hirsch’s imagery inhabits another world of thought hugging feeling, the inner being breathing. Stills capture moments moving within film, each a stark realisation to time known from a future forgotten. Oded’s five below perfectly show a philosophy of ideals, an eternal struggle against the self, to others an only way being.  One journey begins where another ends.

Looking back to death, a mirrored beginning, life’s reflective depth untouched; an edge sought to believe in. Clouds colour that lost in illumination, brown reddening ground rich with another, confessing misgivings to nature’s unforgiving. Death watches as the earth absorbs its soul, life to decay growing. Drowning in dry land to a true release from breathing, peace in bleeding, pain distanced by difference, the human cause of natural being. Eyes open to those closed, blind to a light darkened by the next chance lost in nature’s still sea. Glory in death to cloud our own.

Watching from within, the world an accuser observing life through a collective individual, a critical sigh. Present as an ever, each set in stone as they once and forever will be, an eye mindful of another’s; a memory of when. We watch as they look back, forward to a past present. The stereotype of being, a nation’s view of an isolated mind, remote in thought, muted by a depth hollow. Voyeurism unbound breathing from seeing, a life sinking; all aboard the next waiting. Affected by those to a self known, hearts pound to each’s own being, a blink solid to dependable thought, a conscience unwavering amid a sea of untrust.

Familial trust to a goal lost in. As one, an improbable is achieved, expeditionary aim to an end necessary, the effort less thought breathing. Communicating through silence, gathering thought to a common understanding, we bear witness to a combined strength of being. Highlighted to hide a sea rivered from obstruction, no white lighter than a wave reflecting that true, still to a silent crashing. Religion dictates a soul’s believing, matter lost under mind’s own being. Visible only to an eye coloured, a Father to a Son is delivered, a combined mind overpowering that given, the possibility of a whole open. Constructed to believe, thought outweighs the memory of an eye.

Two sides together opposed, a barricade in the only way now known. Hiding from life behind a shell scarred, drummed silently to a mind drilled in destruction, a stance against truth accepting only unfeeling taught. Throughout, a life exists. Guarding against pain, memories washed to stain, the tactic of protection against that unsaid and unknown, ready to confront all emotion but that owned. Behind a door waits a greeting, man’s smile masking fixed thoughts, a defence against feeling. Alive only in dream, memories sought not yet found, tomorrow ever yesterday. Resolute against being, machine’s own man controlling.

Working against time to normality conforming, human toil to that given, the effect of a nation relieved from thinking. The wind preys upon a man scarred by invisible screams, each his last, the next his first. Green shines golden to flesh blinding, an innocence buried, uniformed in rebellion. The sky gapes aghast at the contrast of being from a sun silent to earth’s own breathing, human destiny reclaimed, in its own hands bleeding.




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