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Introduction by Michael Organ


Mario Macilau’s photography breathes truth from fire to a time lost and found in tomorrow. Belief and hope shine through despair, each image glowing with life, the photographer’s eye ever open to that hidden from feeling.

To the light time weeps as others seek in ritual what religion is in breathing. Believing truth through hearts felt the young become old as borne crosses become the crutch to cling to. Innocence bleeds as corruption breeds to the shield of a noble water, true belief baptising a sea of souls pure. Macilau reflects in waves a genuine song of love in devotion; in touch with one(‘s) above.

Through the smoke of discarded thought an air breathes within. Looking back to an ever present a woman waits for answers, time’s weight undecided as thoughts lose meaning. Lost in a decaying daze every day wastes the next as life is forced to live in a circle of others burning. The photographer through piercing lens paints the truth of those forced to scavenge for an everyday buried by its city.

In darkness eyes shine from storms weathered as, surviving the onslaught of nature’s fury, a 116 year old woman looks through and beyond the world. From Aila communities were swept away, the true force of cyclonic wind breaking waters to lives flooding, devastating destruction beyond that believed in. Macilau shows life’s reality as a soul stands alone in and against its natural causes.

Lifeless in a livelihood bleeding a soul breathes in reflection of a sculptured ideal as, living amongst others’ past, a symbol of structure crumbles. Seeing through the hollow of failed design a man rises above the riches of society’s decline, conscious ever of the truth time left behind.

Breathing orbs see beyond souled disbelieving, a veil obscuring light to closed minds; religion’s practice perfected in healing. Truth pierces the eye of life, its heart unwavering in belief blinding, Macilau capturing in spirit the baptismal fire alive in a soul’s searching.

Exhibited worldwide Mario Macilau’s photography inspires and informs, its importance striking, a profundity rich in a world poor in believing.


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