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Ian MacIntyre’s art centres on the memory of experience, each showing the artist’s own everyday in a new light. Shades selected, be they paling yellow amid beaming green to piple blue rising above its own, paint perfectly the subject bringing alive to the viewer’s eye a time once lived.

The artist’s instinct in believing sings true, each piece a memorial to past’s future recall. Delight in the joy MacIntyre’s art brings.

Crossing to another town an other floats in kaleidoscopic blue. Queen in a sea of chords, light bridges being as a flowing loch bolts to the stillness its heart beats. Framed to reflection the artist mirrors thoughts felt, romantic eyes weeping as moments pass in memories relived. Back is the only way forward as passion paints the day to the reminder of a thousand more, each alive through the colour of soul.

In heart musical, MacIntyre closes his eyes and paints to the tune of Braque’s instruments. All around breathe life in beauty pure as geometric waves dance to the next dimension. Peace breathes in dream amid the sweet melody of visual sound, brushing aside in composition the afterthought of convention.

In reality pure an artist chisels to combed monochrome, the outside stark as inside a world is created. MacIntyre places us at one with his subject as we respect in concentration the development of design. A craftsman’s genius often lies in simplicity, no more true than a carving of mind’s within.

Dreaming in blue the eye believes in flowering rainbows, inside’s sky alive with the fire of outside smoking. Everything is imagined in the order of reversal, before’s time plain in an everyday monotony. Contentedness glows in the glimpse of relaxation as objects sprout wings breathing nature’s air as one. The artist’s folk heart expands in meditative calm as colour points the way to paint each new day.

Labour wavers in the heat an air stings, sweat dripping to a shallow hollow’s swallow. Toil tugs diaphanous spleens bleen as the heart drums its surrender, green in envy pouring dark upon cold blood blue. One resembles another as right is left to look back, the self serving a sinking earth, the very ground it daily breathes from. Today bleeds to tomorrow as nature’s work is undone.

Exhibited in New York, London and throughout his native Scotland, in addition to being treasured in museums and galleries’ public collections, Ian MacIntyre’s art breathes strongly its truth from everyday living.





Ian MacIntyre Tuck Magazine








Ian MacIntyre Tuck Magazine







Ian MacIntyre Tuck Magazine








Ian MacIntyre Tuck Magazine








Ian MacIntyre Tuck Magazine






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