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Volkan Diyaroglu’s art examines the experience of a parallel everyday, its inner sky alight in esoteric expression. Colours combine to sing as one creating a new world and idea within, audibly visible to eyes only open. Everything to everybody needs a label but how can unwritten words describe a soul?

The chaos of control disturbs the nerves of those who lie within, Diyaroglu opening his heart for others to see, breathing in colour the words as yet unspoken. Cubes dice with the dance of life as objects shape to distortion, their irregularity controlled by a confused society believing. Circled in waves a sharpened edge curves inwards, thoughts caving to the direction of disorder as all turn to one for an answer unbecoming.

Death becomes a way of life in the trap of others’ thinking. Ordered to obey another’s way the self distances the soul, a blot on the mindscape of disbelief. The passed look on as the current swims backwards, progress lost to the past as a broken jigsaw pieces defiance against conformity. The artist lives in the moment, stepping back to view with fresh eyes, believing again that once seen and felt.

Eyes fall into the habit of seeing only that behind them, information ever lost in the moment to indifference. The mind’s heart distances thought from feeling as a lifeline to reason is lost to believing, the pink blood of orange bleeding to a blur, flowing as one to arteries severed. Tying time to the present, meaning no longer matters, the artist showing through paint the everyday erupting.

Thoughts breed in a field of detachment, one’s earth barren to another mind rich. See the self as another in form or belief, a sway growing from the ground downwards drowned from the soil each day breathes. One mark is left in the mind of many as truth impacts influence, our artist displaying an understanding of the unconscious of without’s within.

A breath develops in the beauty of creation, all in awe startled by nature’s design. Life is imagined amid images of chaos, the calm of necessity defining another being. Colours darken as reality lightens, one turning to another in the reflection of perception, Diyaroglu’s brush exploding to reveal the inner being; an interpretation on the hypothesis of inner light imploding.

Exhibited worldwide, in addition to being featured in numerous publications and treasured in galleries and private collections, Turkish born Volkan Diyaroglu’s art continues to inspire, its depth unending in an ever shallowing sea of control. The artist through passion and understanding paints stories for each eye to read.



ALRIGHT Volkan Diyaroglu Tuck Magazine







NO I WON'T GO TO THE ARMY Volkan Diyaroglu Tuck Magazine






OVERFLOW Volkan Diyaroglu Tuck Magazine







ARMY OF ME Volkan Diyaroglu Tuck Magazine







EMBRYO BOMB Volkan Diyaroglu Tuck Magazine






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