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Michael Organ



Sheri L Wright’s photography breathes new life from that decaying, each piece providing fresh insight to art the eye often overlooks. The following five images allow us to see differently metal’s abandonment to rust and the beauty created within.

Torn between time the thin layers of rust burnt by a past rouse to new beginnings. Each curl recoils to reveal a river of anadromous pink breathing life to new seas forming. The green of land exposed in walls creates a core of stoic stubbornness, an ever present distinguishing reality to that of believing. Look closely and the seas will part and swim, the imagination of sunlight caught in the mind’s doting eye.

Fallen from the bark metal bites nature’s flower is at once reborn in iron’s regenerative reflection. Floating in imaginary air a mirror of colour lives for its other, existing as one in symmetrical dance. The photographer never fails to capture new worlds forming in the light only the lens looks into, colours given new life in the beauty of decay.

Red lights a shadowed coat cloaking the air breathed beneath as spaces fizz to form faces in a disorganised sky, the body bubbling from the chaos a historic brush causes. We are again privileged to view the art created from nature’s rising fall, the gradual decline in metal’s mask from a past’s heart now blooming.

The gold of teary globules hides the light of dark’s new shine, grey forming a silver sea surrounding new lands, tying to the past a line tangled in dividing. An escape is found in the bolt blue had hidden in, its scars shredded from the panic recall falls to. Instantly a door is opened as the eye draws deeper an image defying dimension, the lens dictating the mind’s next thought.

Exploding before sun’s after a white lights the blue of rust’s fading sky. Caught in a copper coated swirl the heat beneath breathes fire to an iris burning, its beauty alive in the glow of imagination. Flickering only to a motionless lens the camera sees all as life crumbles before us.

See beauty through the eye of a poetical lens.



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  1. Rose Mary Boehm February 22, at 20:07

    These photos are breathtaking. I would 'live with them' happily. The 'poetic lense' indeed.


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