February 15, 2013 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY

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Jonny Burt’s art examines the ongoing effects of media’s influence in society. Extinguishing fame’s flame the artist projects images of souls suffocating from the blindness thrust upon. Others aspire to be another but in this age only the self can survive.


Time moves backwards in the name of progress as a controlled state allows the media to dictate. Lives revolve around others to look up to, a cherished star higher than the heart can afford. Sky is the limit to those with eyes blinded, no future beyond that shiny suits decide. Our artist sees through the fog false hope weaves, lighting transparent the soul times turn. A child is born and filled with wrong answers, the only hope to question what society believes. Littered with the air of greed bombarding, our hero fights to breathe in an everyday choking.


Cynical but true eyes bite through to the bitterness of a plastic reality. Charmed no longer others rebel against the filth they are thrown, wading through the thick of blind truths thinning. Burt paints the face the mirror can’t hide, the soul shining through in an ever darkening gloom.


In this star strangled world adults to their children feed the lies they are given, each instilling hope of an unattainable ideal. Media’s machine preaches early that image is all, discarding the self from their own model being. All look down upon a failure in others’ eyes, believing the dream that has already been written. Strong is the will that can read through muddied waters.


One can only travel so far before others fall behind. Caught in the eye of mind’s weathered grimace vision beyond reaches the point of despair. Hope lied when it said it could help, the beginning of before but an afterthought to delusion. The artist to our soul chisels in charcoal the changing face of reality dreaming.


Broken only to the self we hide life’s infection, ultimately bleeding from its own starry sky. Conceding to the scar society marked we are left open to the closed mind media projects. Torn from the heart the soul fights back, confronting corruption in the smother of falsity’s smile. Truth in reason wins through, an eye breathing above and beyond the sea of humanity drowning.


Jonny Burt opens the door for reality to walk through.




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