July 28, 2013 Editorial

As many of you have noticed, the publication of this magazine has been sporadic for the past few months.  We have been remodeling and redesigning Tuck to fit the needs of readers online and quite frankly, a monthly publication schedule is simply not enough to meet the demands of readers and writers alike who visit and contribute to Tuck. Readers  in 2013 are far more voracious than they were in previous years. This is the era of accelerated thinking, with the amount of information and visuals we absorb each day increasing. Naturally, the public appetite for a more constant flow of stimulating content requires that all publications meet the demand  for immediate and current material. In order to be a viable source of entertainment and information we are updating our format so that there will no longer be a static publishing date.  Beginning in late August, Tuck will post fiction, poetry, art, photography, reviews, essays and commentary in a continuous stream. Our tone will also be taking on a bit of an edge both socially and politically. It has always been the role of an artist to reflect on the events of their generation. As we are a globally focused magazine, our interests in the social, environmental and political health of this planet are borderless. It is in the spirit of understanding, tolerance and sharing that we will embark on  the discussion of matters that are not only pertinent in an increasingly unstable world, but necessary. While fiction, art, poetry, film and music are primarily entertainment, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is always the responsibility of the artist to pose the questions that many dare not ask and to speak the truths that need to be heard.

Within the next few months we will be adding  new features and content as well as growing our Tuck family of  regular contributors. We are especially excited about eventually unveiling a second page for film and music. You may also have noticed that our mail subscription service is absent but we are working diligently like industrious ants to expand this to include regular newsletters.  It is our hope that you are patient with us as we gradually transform Tuck into a what we feel will be a polished and professional choice for readers and lovers of the arts. Our evolution and existence, as always is due to your appreciation and support of our efforts to promote talented and original artists from all over our planet.

Val B. Russell

Managing Editor


  1. Pearl Ketover Prilik October 14, at 20:29

    All the best - Obviously I have a vested interest - but putting that on the side for the moment. (hmmm ala "and aside from that Mrs. Lincoln how was the play.") Seriously, putting aside less than altruistic good wishes, I will say that at this time Tuck is the only on-line publication to which I submit - I am very interested to see how this new constant streaming flows!

  2. Anne Bradshaw October 04, at 12:43

    Good luck with everything. It sounds as if it'll be well worth the effort! I look forward to Tuck's continual evolution.


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