October 14, 2013 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION






Seven Poets this month grace Tuck’s pages for your profound pleasure: Stephen Fitzsimons, Ilona Martonfi, AJ Huffman, Pearl Ketover Prilik, Susan Fanoga Cobrado, April Salzano and Shelby Stephenson all offering words to breathe alongside your thoughts






Stephen Fitzsimons


We sit


The smell of the

last battle’s carcasses

hanging over

breakfast table

Your armour, golden

You proudly display

your scar

like a tattoo

in a brothel

I remember

too many

comrades fallen

guts strewn

I avoid the charge

of your glare

Your words stab

my frog flesh

I am pinned

Wounds smarting

Years of soldiering

kick in

So I am left


in a

vacuum jar







Stephen Fitzsimons


A single tear

white and crystalline

clings to the surface

making blue cold


a forest of alabaster

stands silent

almost unmoving

as air whispers dance

speaking of tales

of dead adventurers

from distant lands

stuck in time

compass frozen

before scurrying on

who will sing

a song for them now

the great polar spirit

cries alone

before leaping after

its bearded flesh




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  1. Linda G Hatton October 16, at 17:35

    Dare Devil - so delicate and dainty - and then ouch. My favorite part of the other one, "Her suitcase stuffed with whys Anyone became Someone who left." Both lovely pieces.

    • Pearl Ketover Prilik October 25, at 14:14

      Oh thank you so very very much Linda - just found these comments and what a delightful surprise. I am deeply appreciative and delighted that you enjoyed :)

    • Pearl Ketover Prilik October 25, at 14:16

      Thank you so very very much for stopping and for commenting. I'm delighted that you enjoyed Dare Devil - i so enjoyed writing her.

  2. De Jackson October 15, at 03:09

    Pearl, I adore both of your pieces. "high above layers of simple air" breathes beautifully in the first, and your nod to E.E. Cummings in the second is literally breathtaking. Gorgeous.

    • Pearl Ketover Prilik October 25, at 14:15

      Aw De - high praise indeed!!! Thank you so very much - for reading, for commenting so grandly - happy that you enjoyed and took the time to let me know.

  3. Stephen Fitzsimons October 14, at 19:03

    Sorry all but my website for poetry is now http://darkercircle.wordpress.com/ . Had to move it as I also write for children. Apologise for any problems this causes.


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