July 30, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION





Soren Paul Petrek



Pinch the penny, shave the pound

Listen to the dying sound

The poverty that grows and grows

Heedless yet the wealthy know

Bridge the gap the phony war

Battle on they still want more

Success is measured in piles of cash

While the hungry world digs through their trash

Their ears are deaf to lessons past

When rebellions came to end their caste








Soren Paul Petrek



Take off your hat they screamed

Take off your hat and pray

Have your lost your civic pride?

How can you act that way?

Don’t you want to honor the flag?

And the Soldiers who died for you?

Stand up and be counted among us

Patriots of the Red White and Blue.

We’ll make you, they yelled with fists enraged

Knock it from your head to the floor

He turned and showed them his stumps for hands

Lost to the glory of war.




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