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Muhammad Waqas Awan

The citizens of Kashmir should be allowed to cast an independent vote under the scrutiny of an international panel of election monitors, so no one is coerced to vote against their will. The people of Kashmir endorsed the fact that as a Kashmiri, they should choose their political destiny–not India or Pakistan.

The Kashmir Million March in London a couple of days ago was one of the messages to the Indian heads that the international world also wants to resolve the issue and that the exile must be ended as it has affected more than one billion people.

Kashmiri people are facing a huge set back following Indian atrocities for almost half of the century. It must be stopped now. The leadership of both sides must take serious steps to resolve the issue. The intervention of the international community can also play a massive role in resolving the issue.

However, the recent attacks at the Line of Control (LOC) by India raises another question mark as to whether or not the Indian government wants good relations with Pakistan. Seventeen people have been killed in one month near Sialkot, the ongoing negotiations having now stopped due to the current situation. It is now therefore the time for both India and Pakistan to seek meaningful negotiations to resolve all the issues through dialogue, with Kashmir a priority. This would also help to create a peaceful environment throughout the South Asian region.

Although Modi’s role in the past casts a big question mark over his credibility, there are still certain ways to move forward. India should also get out of the weapons race as both sides cannot now go for war.

Negotiations and result oriented dialogue can therefore bring peace on both sides. The Kashmir issue should be resolved through United Nations resolutions with the interventions of the international community. President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron must step forward and play their role as the ‘powers’.





Muhammad Waqas Awan

Political Analyst, Journalist and Human Rights Activist from Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Waqas has been working for various newspapers and magazines as an IR, political analysis expert.

Email:[email protected]


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