December 9, 2014 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

soren paul petrek



Soren Paul Petrek





It stank of death

the blasted land

the taste of copper

under the shells


Green pastures lost

to everyone

to the boys who

killed each other


Once a child thrust

to men no time

to grow up

and mature


Stolen their youth

forgotten and lost

their generation

the damned








A broken twig

is finished

no more time

in the sun


The carefree

warmth and

growth gone

green paling


Fracture that

won’t heal

without help

from a hand


Splice and

rejuvenate waiting

to grow






soren paul petrek


Soren Paul Petrek

Poet and award winning novelist, Soren Paul Petrek has been writing since his early teens.

Cold Lonely Courage and his other works are available on Amazon. He intends to publish his book of poetry, Mountain in the near future.



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