January 19, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Wendy Blum



Waiting In Line



Feet stand sure.

Controlled stare.

Calm breathing.

Strangers speaking

wasted conversation.

Paper tongue remarks

falling on heavy ears.

Minutes elapse.

Bodies proceed forward.

Relief arrives at last

with the cashier.






Super Girl’s Boy



She overshadows


devours you.

She could stomp

on you like a grape.

But maybe

he needs to be her baby.

So he doesn’t dare

tug on Super Girl’s cape.








Wendy Blum

Wendy Blum lives with her family in Kenton, Ohio. She is proud to say that her two poems, ‘Waiting In Line’ and ‘Super Girl’s Boy’, are her first published works. She has a blog, ‘Say It With Poetry‘ if you would like to read more.


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