Journalist testifies against Police chief in Uganda

February 9, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Robert Ssewankambo

The hearing of a criminal case in which suspended District Police Commander (DPC), Joram Mwesigye, is accused of assaulting a TV journalist, Andrew Lwanga, commenced on 4th February at Buganda Road Magistrates Court in Kampala before Her Worship Sanyu Mukasa.

The first prosecution witness, Joseph Settimba, a journalist with the government owned Vision Group, told court that on 12th January 2015, while doing his journalistic work, he saw Mwesigye, chasing a group of youths who were demonstrating against unemployment. Joram then started running after the youths and journalists whom he told not to film him. He had a wire with which he attempted to hit Lwanga, but instead it hooked his pair of Khaki trousers and tore them. In the process, his video camera fell down and got damaged. Joram then picked a stick which he used to hit journalist, Andrew Lwanga on the head and the stick broke into three pieces. Lwanga, then fell down and was carried by two police officers into Mwesigye’s car who drove him to Old Kampala police station.

The DPC is accused of assaulting a journalist and causing malicious damage to property. The prosecution led by Deborah Itwau alleges that on Monday, January 12th, the Division Police Commander for Old Kampala Police Station, Joram Mwesigye, assaulted Andrew Lwanga , a journalist with Wavah Broadcasting Services, on the head leaving him unconscious and also smashed and damaged his video camera. The defence is represented by George Spencer.

Lwanga was first admitted at Mulago National Referral hospital on the fateful day, before being transferred to St. Peter’s Hospital, Nsambya were he was admitted for over two weeks. He is currently walking with the support of clutches. Doctors recommended that surgery be carried out on him in the near future.

The trial continues.



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Robert Ssewankambo

Robert Ssewankambo is a Ugandan writer. Working currently on a freelance basis, he is a regular contributor to major newspapers in Uganda and electronic online magazines and media sources in Africa, such as the Bukedde newspaper, Hindered radio, Red Pepper, Eddobozzi newspaper and African Interest online.

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