South Sudan Extend The Presidential And Parliamentary Term For Three Years

March 26, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Peter Louis

South Sudan’s parliament voted on Tuesday to extend President Salva Kiir’s term in office by three years, after elections due to be held in June were called off and negotiations to end more than a year of internal conflict broke up without agreement.

Speaker Manasseh Magok Rundial said parliament overwhelmingly approved Kiir’s extension, as well as a similar three-year prolongation of parliament’s own term.


The 270 members of parliament present voted on Tuesday to amend the country’s transitional 2011 constitution to extend the presidential and parliamentary term until July 9, 2018, with 264 members in favour and six opposing it.


In February, government spokesman Michael Makuei said that the proposal to extend Kiir and parliament’s terms was aimed at avoiding any power vacuum in the event that the government fails to reach a permanent deal with rebels.

The lawmakers however rejected an extension of the life-term of state governors, stating that the Transitional Constitution did not refer to them.

“Our constitution only talks of parliament and presidency, so it is up to the resident to either let them continue or not in the coming transitional period,” said Onyoti Adigo, parliamentary minority leader.


South Sudan’s parliament has a total of 302 members, with six members belonging to the opposition Sudan People Liberation Movement-Democratic Change Party, the rest belonging to the ruling Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM).


Last year, 21 lawmakers defected from SPLM to the join rebel movement, prompting parliament to annul their membership.




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Peter Louis

Peter Louis works as a freelance Videographer and Journalist in the Republic of South Sudan. He previously worked for Ebony TV, South Sudan Radio and South Sudan TV, Wau.


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