Sudanese bombers kill four in South Sudan

April 10, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Peter Louis

The Press Secretary of President Salva Kiir, Ateny Wek Ateny, on Thursday informed journalists that South Sudan for the last three days has been sustaining aerial bombardment, four innocent civilians having been killed and nine others seriously wounded.

Ateny said the unprovoked aerial attack took place yesterday on Wednesday in South Sudan’s northern states of Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBGS), Aweil and particularly in the Aweil West County areas of Mayom Deng Angok, Akuak-Rial and Nyinboli. It was also stated that the Antonov planes are still bombarding areas around Western Bahr El Ghazal State (WBGS) in Raga County and NGBS as well.

Ateny accused the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and said “the attack is presumed to be coming from neighboring Sudan; since no any other country that borders South Sudan has the history of this type of unprovoked attacks.”

“Therefore, we condemn in the strongest term possible; and we call upon the International Community and particularly the UN, Troika, EU, AU and IGAD to also condemn this act of aggression from neighboring country.”

Ateny also mentioned that they (South Sudan) are “not ready to fight with any neighboring country because South Sudan has his own crisis that yet needs to be solved.”

Ateny said this Easter they have “received many calls for peace from people of all regions and from different parts of the world. Both the president and government of South Sudan want to join in these prayers of peace. Our people are clear minded and determined and so is the government of South Sudan. The extension of the current government of South Sudan’s lifespan furthers the cause of peace and the building of prosperity and security for the people of South Sudan.”

Mr Wek said that the “recent extension of this government’s lifespan was based on a constitution and its necessity, so any unconstitutional group living in the comfort of a foreign hospitality cannot challenge it.  Therefore, the so-called G10 group or former political Detainees statement to the effect was just ‘literature’ since it wasn’t based on legal grounds.”

“We must continue building roads, improving our education and health system; president Kiir must lead the country forward while at the same time leading to peace. We will do everything in our power to further peace, but what we won’t do, however, is to accept short term and short sighted solutions at the expense of committing ourselves to finding more difficult but more durable solutions. Peace is an understanding and it is also terms of engagement that all parties must support wholeheartedly” Ateny said.

“The government of South Sudan will deliver a happier, safer, more prosperous future for the people of South Sudan; and South Sudanese people deserve to enjoy the splendor that an independent South Sudan can offer them.”

“We are seriously working to bring peace to the people of South Sudan through IGAD led mediation, and so we avoid getting into another unprovoked war with any of our six neighbors”, Ateny concluded.






Peter Louis

Peter Louis works as a freelance Videographer and Journalist in the Republic of South Sudan. He previously worked for Ebony TV, South Sudan Radio and South Sudan TV, Wau.


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