Africa in the missing light: Where history turns into gimmick propagandism

April 24, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Nana Arhin Tsiwah

History has been a great fountain of human existence where knowledge of the past and its eventualities are reflected upon towards the future. It has been one solid human playing field where loyalty and truth play the tunes of what and when something happened sometime ago.

Many historical events date long  before the days of pre-dating of which the tertiary and Precambrian eras could have evolved their whispering moments. Time has proven to be a very substantial element in the actualities of world history, just as human altercations have also done a great deal of influence. However, in the eventualities of what and when, the former has always proven its clout over the latter. So just like time, the world we live in becomes ‘memoryless’ without Africa.


Africa has played a prominent role in fashioning the conceptual dedication of what history, through generations, millennia, centuries and decades, should be. Records from all faces of judgement have proven Africa’s rightful birthplace in historical pronouncements. It is however sad that through human machinations and chronic clone machiavellian ambiguities, certain facts and truths proving Africa’s strong force and voice in history have been fragmented and concocted.

The porosity of these parrots’ fragmentation of historical facts, particularly by certain groups of the ‘human race’ who throughout history have deliberately made an attempt to wipe Africa from the face of history, is so sad a letter to write. The worst state of this directional machiavellian forgery is the crude impact it has had on the ‘African mind’.


The western world, even in the abundance of apparent evidence of where Africa is in terms of history, still have pejorative distortion when it comes to defining the absolute of Africa in world history. Through elements of malaciousness they deny Africa of her overwhelming contributions to the history of the world, fairer attributations often being made towards Greek and Roman histories as the basis for today’s world history, all denying Africa her rightful ascension throughout time.

For me, one thing that has denied Africa her rightful place in the abode of history is the sadistic approach of her scholars in playing by the rot and canker of the west to define what constitute our history. In higher institutions of learning in Africa, where classics and philosophy are studied, it is disturbing to note how much care and attention is given to the learning of Greek and Roman Civilisations. Not much is to be desired when you visit a history class where students are indoctrinated with historical philosophies of the same ancient Greek and Roman empires all at the expense of our African history.

This dramatically and drastically plays down the emphasis that should be laid on the culture of our land. It is not surprising to see most of our African people living on this continent behaving as if Africa has no culture at all, thus reflecting in their lifestyles. An attribution of this was the case of the ‘French Policy of Assimilation’ under the nemesis of Charles dé Gaulle.


For Africa to assert her rightful place in the court of history, more deliberate and conscious measures and modalities must comprehensively be put in place and advocated through the exploration of time to make the African understand what Africa was and is in terms of world history.

This can be done by rewriting history in its right tongue and pruning all malice world history has been engulfed in. All Africans must therefore come together to demonstrate to the world the attributes Africa has in history.






Nana Arhin Tsiwah is an undergraduate student from Cape Coast, Ghana; a disciple of Pan-African consciousness, a cultural ideologist, an awensemist (poet) of different shade but tells of a hunter’s trails for Akanism. He is an orator and a village servant in a poetry movement dubbed; ‘The Village Thinkers‘.


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