Kabila provides assurance on future plans for the DRC

May 15, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Sylvain Muyali

President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Joseph Kabila earlier this week arranged a meeting in Kingakati, to the east of the Congolese capital Kinshasa, with politicians to discuss peace and security within the nation.

In addition to the essential matter of ensuring the well being of Congolese citizens, the need to sustain economic stability and the necessity of normalising the electoral process were also matters that needed to be discussed.


Placing himself above the fray, Kabila in his own way set out to reassure opposition party members and the general public of matters within the DRC.

In a speech lasting only a couple of minutes Joseph Kabila first confirmed that it was particularly important to maintain a clear and concise communication with members of the ruling coalition, it being normal to inform all political partners of the approach he has taken in the best interests of the Nation. From the outset Kabila went out to assure all of his intention to maintain the policy of openness.

“I know what you think of this dialogue because you’ve said it to me several times before. For now, I take my prerogatives as Head of State to consult everyone and also refer to the opinions of others. I invite all members of the majority to trust me and for there to be a mutual trust”  Kabila stated to members of the Politburo.


Seeking reassurance from the meeting’s attendees, he confirmed that all opinions will be sought and listened to. After his introduction, as a democrat, Kabila asked if there were any questions or complaints from members. The Majority responded by stating that communications were so clear that no debate was at that time needed.

Members of the Opposition party were the first to call for a dialogue to be set up within the scope and framework of the Addis Ababa agreement to discuss peace, security and the electoral process. It was confirmed that consultations are ongoing and that no one will be forgotten. There is therefore a real opening.

It is now up to stakeholders to show responsibility and for others to avoid hampering the approach of the head of state as Kabila would appear to be more willing than ever to expand his openness to provide answers. This is an initiative that both parties must support in order for peaceful elections to be held in the DRC.

Even the Majority, which was divided into several groups due to a multitude of initiatives (referendum, and a revisionist scheme for electoral law following deaths in January), wanted to avoid unnecessary chaos to spare further difficulties for the Congolese people and hopefully move forward.

The revolution of modernity can not continue without peace. And when there is peace, the Congolese can eat and go about their daily business without any danger.

Within the meeting, neighbouring Burundi’s political turmoil was also discussed but it was made clear by Joseph Kabila that it had no connection with what is happening in the DRC.





sylvain muyali

Sylvain Muyali

Sylvain Muyali is a Journalist, Photographer and Filmmaker from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has reported previously for the Associated Press and his words and images can also be found at ‘Vivons Positivement


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