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Scott Thomas Outlar



Tortoise and the Hare



Each of us is moving through this life at our own pace,

but we are all ultimately heading toward the same destination –

some say it is a cold dirt grave

where the mortal flesh goes to rot eternally,

while others suggest it is back to the one true source

where consciousness and energy continue along the karmic path.


Some people are always in a hurry,

running this way and that,

rushing along with their head down

in a sprint to reach the next objective.


Some people like to chill out and take it easy,

slowly but surely taking each mindful step,

content to enjoy the sights and sounds

as the process naturally unfolds.


Some people resemble chickens

with their heads chopped off,

scattered and discombobulated

as they scurry around without any sense of direction.


Some people project calm serenity

unto those they encounter day to day,

always resonating an aura of peace

as they methodically trek along the journey.


Some people take four left turns

or spin around in circles,

constantly coming back to where they just were.


Some people take a point A to B approach,

walking in a straight line toward the goal,

zeroed-in and focused on the end game.


Some people like to switch the rhythm up

from time to time,

using various methodologies of travel,

never getting too high or low,

not afraid to go off the beaten path

but never straying too far from center, either…

just taking each day as it comes

and getting the most from every experience

the best they can until the truth at the end is finally revealed.







I Would Change the Title



I would change the world if I could.

Turn up the fire during Summer.

Make it more frigid come the Fall.


I would change my mind

about wanting to change

the collective mind.

They are always going to be that way.

They are always going to do those things.


I would change the color of my soul.

Embrace the shadow until it glows.


I would change the structure of the holy sign.

Break it down to chaos…then watch it rise.


I would change the way that water flows.

Send it up the ivory tower as a flood.

Drown the Corporate Beast in its lair.


I would change how often war is fought.

Make it more common…then call it off.

Let all the scores be settled first,

then pull the plug…have peace on Earth.


I would change the high note to a peak.

Now nothing less than plateau dreams.

Blood rush frenzy…summit fever sleep.


I would change the way the words lay out.

Flip the script with a rising dawn.

Lace the sky…with a song

in the New Age.








Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar spends the hours flowing and fluxing to the rhythms of the Tao River while laughing at and/or weeping over life’s existential nature. More of his work can be found at 17numa.wordpress.com.


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