Mirages and Visions

June 29, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Hira Azhar

Somewhere above the rainbow; somewhere below the shadow; somewhere around the light and somewhere above the height, we see a reflection of our own called a mirage.

The mirage, leading us to an unknown journey of emotions, serenity and tranquility, is just another us, another we or another ours. We move slowly to that mirage but it vanishes always as we try to approach it, steer or see through it. These pseudo-remnants of our beliefs or notions are nothing but the vague thoughts of our deepest and darkest desires.

Pakistan is a land of peace and blessing continuously destroyed by its underground friends who believe in making a new destiny and achieving a new horizon in the sky as they assert that ‘sky is the limit’. Such euphoric people also consider that reflections in the water are as potent as ‘castles in the air’. Therefore, it is their ultimate goal to win the triumphant battles of dignity, honor and respect in Pakistan.

It is always said that chess is the game of kings and queens in which they have to move pawns for their honor and prestige but what if this chess gets corrupted by atrocities and diseases; I believe we will all lose the game of chess in the end and lay down like a king thrown after a check-mate. Strong and fair games always result in strong and fair visions, whereas fatal and foul games always result in fatal and foul mirages.

Today, our worthy motherland is not in need of a new mirage; rather it is in need of a smooth, calculated and resolute vision which is necessary for our better and the prosperous future of our coming generations.






Hira Azhar

Hira is a freelance Writer and Poet from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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  1. Ihsan Ali Bhatti March 18, at 08:58

    It was really wonderfully written... we surely do not want any new mirages but the clear visions of enlightenment about the past and future to shape the present...


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