July 8, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION




Arikor Ogonnaya


I Will Have The Last Word



Oh my world!

Dashed against rocky misfortunes

Nauseated thoughts banked by fleeing reason

Devastation lurking in thick currents

Across continents I wandered

Like a giant pigeon wobbling

My troubled mind to open no more



Oh my world!

Bathed in perilous seas

Embodied by dehydrated thirsts

Fatal throbbing of my ever faint heartbeat

Awashed with the fainty dumps of intensifying grit

Thin veils of light submerged by darker gashes

My miseries gaining extra schedules and matches



Oh my world!

Embittered rays dreading my will

Panic coursing through my ethereal wheel

Faceless beams unearthing the light within

Unassailable pains dragging snaily

Loose-fitted tongues compressed to compactful torrents

Terrifying daylight encovers my confidence

Tears streaming down



On my word

Alas! Hesitation cast aside

Answers seeked I

Through and through I trudged on

At long last!

Latent hope surging in relentless waves

Acquiese no longer would I

Of this monumental unpleasantry

Lights will guide me home

Steadfastly igniting my paths through.











In our ever vulnerable strength, or blindness?

They have always denuded our meekness

Even when we seem to summon courage

To wilt their constant peddlings of outrage

We turn out losing only less blood

Than a murdered mosquito

Just to lay their filthy claws on our petrodollars

They wouldn’t mind wringing our collars



Riddling us with diseases that have no cure

Impinging us with the rickety effect of yaws

They pollute our streams of gallant wills

You see them piloting in dark metallic wheels

Seeking protection against their imaginary foes

Attacked only by their conscience-striken fears

Their harried thoughts leading to forced courtsies

Un-Reason surpassing their mocked treaties



Oh Creator, you knew that the birds were living

Even before the udara stopped producing

God, our lowered voices in sequence!

Will forever recede in suffocating silence

As they leave behind their legacies of destruction

Marring the serenity of our confusion.







Arikor Ogonnaya

Arikor Collins Ogonnaya is a Nigerian Writer and Blogger. He tweets as @CollinsOgo



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