Naya Vs Old Pakistan

July 20, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Hira Azhar

When I was a child, I used to listen to slogans like ‘Pakistan ka matlab kia? La illaha illallah’ and and ‘lay k rahain gay Pakistan’. I often wondered why we are taught these slogans and why our parents and teachers keep on repeating them?

Then one day I realised that these were the slogans raised by people/Muslims of the sub continent for the creation of a new land that would be exempted from the barbarianism of the Hindus and the British government.

We made this homeland Pakistan so that we could live as a strong and prosperous nation free from the negative influence, rather I would say from the heinous influence, of other nations. We succeeded in making that kind of homeland. Yes, we succeeded in getting a land that was not ruled by other nations through the incessant struggle of Quaid e Azam and other leaders. We succeeded in chalking a piece on the map of the world that was neither dictated by external forces; nor was inhabited by non-believers. Certainly, it was the total win/win situation for us. That was called the ‘Old Pakistan’ where we were all living peacefully, happy and secure.

However, the story does not end here. Suddenly one day, one man rises amidst the tumultuous situation and decides that he will be the harbinger of the new found land called Pakistan. He named it ‘Naya Pakistan’; the Pakistan of music, dance, dharnas and selfies. He called everyone to join hands with him in this new found land. He raised the slogan of ‘Jab aye ga Imran, bnay ga naya Pakistan’. It was really an honor for all Pakistanis to join hands on his call and say Labaik on his voice because after all, he was the new charismatic hero who was ready to take all Pakistanis out of the deep, dead ocean of grief, misery and sorrow. People cheerfully joined hands and everywhere the PTI and co were praised, applauded and emancipated for their bold initiatives. This was the story of ‘Naya Pakistan’.

At present the situation is very bleak, just like mixed strokes of white, red and black on the sacred portrait of Pakistan. Half of our nation is in favour of Old Pakistan and half in favour of the New one, but no one actually cares or notices which Pakistan we are living in at present; the Old one which Quaid e Azam built or the New one which, a counterpart of Quaid e Azam, Imran Khan built. One thing is clear however now that Pakistan can stand its ground, be it Old or New, is how long it can survive. It is the question every Pakistani must ask for himself.

I personally think that instead of saying ‘Begone the Old Pakistan, we will make a new one’, we should focus rather on decorating the already created Pakistan. It is time for every single person of Pakistan to join hands with each other and work truthfully, sincerely and diligently for Pakistan, utilising all strategic means and measures and forming resolute plans for the betterment of this country.

Long Live Pakistan!






Hira Azhar

Hira is a freelance Writer and Poet from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.



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