My sixty eight years of independence

August 19, 2015 OPINION/NEWS




Hira Azhar

The evergreen verse of William Wordsworth,

‘I wandered lonely as a cloud

that floats on high o’er vales and hills’

is no doubt a true depiction of me. Since my creation, I was always lonely, shy and a laid back entity. Being small in area, I was always considered a meagre being; not worthy of dignity by my siblings. I was not always like this.

Once, I was a great, pompous and treasured land containing many worthy and valuable treasures of the world, but after living in this state for several centuries, I found that my people were not happy with each other. I could see anger, restlessness and hatred in their eyes for each other. They were not ready to lead a peaceful life. Resultantly, few people from my land raised their voices and demanded my freedom. Was I ever kidnapped; I thought at that time; but seeing animosity in the eyes of my dear ones, I thought it was best for me to get separated from my other half.

Leaving my counterpart was a very terrible and gruesome incident which no eye could bear and no heart could tolerate. I left with a heavy heart; however, laying the foundation of my own land with my own name Pakistan was a very exciting event. I was extremely overjoyed to have my own piece of Earth in this world. During my creation, my founders faced a lot of problems but I was hopeful that with the passage of time these would be resolved.

Years passed by. My problems and troubles increased manifold. Sometimes, I saw my people crying because of poverty, some days because of electricity and gas. I waited silently for a messiah to solve my problems and to relieve my people from these trials and tribulations. My teary eyes became stagnant and my rosy cheeks pale with each passing hour. I hoped for someone to take me out from this dilemma. I witnessed the rapid progress of my neighbours and thought when I would see such development on my land.

This year I am celebrating my sixty-eighth birthday. Yes, I can see progress on my land today. I can witness the eye-catching metro buses running on my roads. I can see foreign dignitaries coming to my land for initiating developmental programs like the Gawadar-China road. I am also seeing the bright and beautiful lights shimmering in my dark and dense roads. Yes, I am progressing now. My long awaited silence and prayers have been listened to and now no one can stop me from making my own destiny.

I am Pakistan; the land of peace, tranquility and progress; that Pakistan which was created years ago by my ancestors. I am on a road of success and peace now. I am truly a cloud which is alone though, but is surviving on its own.

These are my sixty eight years of independence. What is your story?







Hira Azhar

Hira is a freelance Writer and Poet from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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  1. Shakeel August 20, at 05:05

    Dear Miss Hira, I have thoroughly read the Article. its really very interesting and amazing and depicting the true and sad story of our beloved motherland PAKISTAN. May it live long and progress and complete its vision of creation. Thanks. Regards, Shakeel


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