September 9, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION



Ojo Adewale Iyanda



Solemn cave


I dip my teeth deep into their flesh

Sucking the illustrious blood in their brain Oh! their blood is sweeter than honey Their flesh is meaty and bucky Their bone is succulent like marrow I want more human flesh.


I am from the ghoul community

A species of the living dead

More violent than the living self.

My soul thirst more for thee

I want more human being.



I’m a dead man

Though I die everyday.

I check my grave yesterday

And am still intact in my solemn cave.


oh! you met a dead man.







Enemies of God knowledge!



enemies of God knowledge are clowns

striving to know the weight of the ocean longing to count the flying birds always fancying unseen signs.


the creation of earth is their case study generation not different from vipers misusing the work of grace bestowed controversially obeying the truth.


always exaggerating mercy beyond

hanging on the liberty-rope

acting like they are free indeed

but denying the knowledge behind.


copying the Pharisees’ faith

delaying the provided truth..

you better agree to be set free

and embedded with his glory define.







ojo adewale..

Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Ojo Adewale Iyanda is a Poet from Osogbo, Nigeria whose words can be found here.



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