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Chumki Sharma



Foraging For Hope



Another ‘lukewarm’ message from him.


The word was never more fascinating.


Thesaurus warns me lukewarm is


‘moderately warm’, ‘indifferent’.


As if I was tepid bath water.


I lash at the pantry boy-


‘The coffee is lukewarm’.


The class tells me to define


the word and it occurs


to me I need an adverb now-


‘slightly warm’ or better still


‘only slightly warm’.


A world of connotations.


An ocean of emptiness,


that I hurry to fill


with adverbs like


‘only’ ‘slightly’ ‘little’.


Somehow in this void,


the sly adverbs


create space, possibility, hope.


A single new leaf


on the lone moneyplant


in my bathroom.








Leaving The Circus



Her circus after all,


the best ringside view,


curtains go up,


ring master struts,


his lion flies through fire.


He stammers a few notes


of admiration.


She claps affectionately,


her circus after all.


The knife tamer slices the air


around her pretty head.


She blows a kiss to the


trapeze artist hanging


precariously on thin air.


But if you knew her,


you would know


her soft corner for the


clowns- She has twelve of them.


While their coup de act


is on,a lone man jumps


on the stage, starts


reciting Shakespeare.


Ah! Thirteen is a


special number, but


it’s time to leave the circus.






Chumki Sharma

Chumki Sharma is a poet from Calcutta, India. Her works have been published in several publications in different parts of the world. She is also a renowned spoken word performer who has been featured on the radio and other media. Currently, she is working on her manuscript ‘Running Away With The Garden’ when not engaged in her day job as a Banker.


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