September 25, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



am i?




am i still your own?

am i still the name that resounds in your head?

the heroine of your heroic dreams?


am i still the rhythms of your strings?

the eyes you once loved to behold?

the bone of your bone?


or an orange caressed by your mouth of sweetness sucked… dried and dumped?




am i still the i for your you?

do i have my name still engraved

in the memories of your forever?


am i still the angel you once saw?

do you still see the sparkles you once confessed?

am i, your light in your limelight?


or a ripped page of your book


and trashed?




am i still your beauty maiden in grays of old?

am i still the young breasts of pleasure in the reveries of your thoughts?


am i still the bosom you find rest?

am i still the sweetness of your love?

are these the arms still your place of death?


or the story of many yesterdays

and the mockery of your friends

deceived and used?




am i still your benign jealousy?

the silver lining of your cloud?

am i still the chorus of your tongue?


am i still the heart of your heart?

the balm of your pains?

the elixir of your poisons?


or just the womb of your man

your baby maker

a wedded slave?




am i still the licit bandit of your eyes from the beckons of luring sleeps from eyes different from these eyes of mine?


am i still the rhythms of your lovely nonsense?

the tremble in your voice?

the burning fire of your passion?


or the rag for the feet

of novel maidens of lust?


am i still your own?








Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju

Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju hails from Osun State, Nigeria and lives in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He is a teacher of English language and has a B.A(ED) in English from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. His poems are published and reviewed on poetry sites and online magazines and blogs here. He loves to work with great minds.

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