October 12, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Indunil Madhusankha



I am Scared of the Night



As the dusk creeps

through the summit

the once luscious sun

dips below the rocky mounts

And flocks of birds soar away

weaving intricate patterns

in the grayish sky



Thus the goddess of darkness,

the night

wielding her power

right throughout

while the crickets creak

in their shrill monotonic tune



Hovering round a towering tree

the giant bats

striking their huge wings

with the ghostly shadows

that look like gothic spectres



The stagnant silence long – standing

A silence that has diverse faces

A silence that prickles the souls

immersed in deep sleep

A silence that makes me scared of the night








Waiting for that Beautiful Day to Dawn



Do you ever reminisce

the endearing times we spent together

sitting on a bench in the park

amidst the towering trees

replete with yellowish jacaranda cascading down

Or how we drew figures on the sand

with the tips of our fingers

while wandering along the sea belt



You promised me

caressing my hands

that you would never let go of them

And, one day, you would clasp my arm

and walk with me to the farthest horizon

Thus we dreamt of the dawn of a beautiful day



Yet, it didn’t take that long for you

to fade from my sight

Along with those sketches on the sand

melting away in the harsh waves

that abruptly broke on the shore



And I have no idea,

how incorrigible my heart is

The harder I try to refrain from lingering

The more I find myself immersed

Despite the awareness of the bitter truth,

I keep praying again and again

waiting for that beautiful day to dawn








Indunil Madhusankha

Indunil Madhusankha is currently an undergraduate in the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo. Even though he is academically involved with the subjects of Mathematics and Statistics, he also pursues a successful career in the field of English language and literature as a budding young researcher, reviewer, poet and content writer. Basically, he explores the miscellaneous complications of the human existence through his poetry by focussing on the burning issues in contemporary society. Besides that, Indunil’s works have been featured in several international anthologies and journals.


  1. Amanda November 03, at 17:40

    Nice word pictures! The themes of your poems are emotionally powerful & easy to relate to. Enjoyed your poetry. Congratulations & all the best!

  2. sanjfbg October 13, at 14:48

    This is quite simply put amazing work done by Mr Madhusankha. Its directness and simplicity along with the symbolisms used brings us that much closer to understanding life that much closer. i wish Mr Madhusanka all the very best for the future.

    • Indunil Madhusankha October 14, at 04:16

      It is very kind of you to have made such a fascinating remark, sanfbj. I highly appreciate your kind gesture. Thank you.

      • Indunil Madhusankha November 04, at 07:45

        It is my great pleasure to receive such a nice remark. Thanks a lot, dear Amanda.

  3. Indunil Madhusankha October 12, at 12:42

    It is a great pleasure and an absolute honour to have been featured in the Tuck Magazine. I highly appreciate the great work that the team at the Tuck Magazine is pursuing for the sake of both emerging and established writers and also for the "discerning readers".


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