October 19, 2015 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


David Mungoshi



Beats of My Heart



This old heart of mine
is a veritable mine
of experiences:
joy, sorrow and raw passion
compassion on some occasion


This old heart of mine
has served me true and faithful
humouring my every mood
with percussion sublime and varied:

slow and dignified beats for prayer and devotion
fast and furious when I must flee some terror
joyful and expectant when she passed by
chaotic and bewildered when I’m discarded


This old heart of mine
has seen me through times hard and easy
I begin to take her for granted
Though there’s a price to pay
For, certainly, one of these days she’ll beat no more







My Tropical Angel



A sweet rainbow in dreamy colours

Materializes from the whispering pool like magic

And in that storybook moment

Our fingers are entwined by hearts in torment

As they seek that elusive fusion of wish-mania

We seek each other in the blue haze

Of a morning that’d have us melt into this phase

With the shy sun in our eyes

I see yellow gardenias in a field of fragrant glory

And in the setting sun

I see a tropical angel poised for her transition








david mungoshi

David Mungoshi

I’m from Zimbabwe and was born in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe’s second largest city). I speak and write ChiShona, IsiNdebele and English. I am an applied linguist with vast teaching experience throughout the education system, from primary school, to secondary education, teacher education and university. I recently retired from university teaching and I now live in the City of Gweru in Zimbabwe.

I am a published short story writer, a novelist, film script supervisor, editor, copywriter and poet. I also act in movies on occasion. I love life, I love people and I enjoy reading and travelling.


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