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October 27, 2015 OPINION/NEWS


Wael El-Manzalawy

Islamic parties won the elections in Algeria, but they were deprived of their triumph by a military coup. America occupied Iraq and the Islamic State appeared for the first time to fight against America and the Iraqi Shia who were in alliance with America.

Abu Mosaab El-Zarqawy, the leader of the Islamic State was killed and the Islamic State became weaker. Some Sunnis fought against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State with America, but they were not rewarded. They were neglected.

The Shiaa government in Iraq treated the Sunnis very badly and deprived them of all their rights. The revolution started in Syria. Bashar committed crimes against humanity, but America and the West didn’t fight him.

The Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt. They remained in authority for one year only. A military coup in Egypt committed crimes against humanity according to the report of Human Rights Watch.



The repeated military coups against the Islamic political triumph increased the anger of many Islamic activists pushing them to violence. The attacks against ISIS was faced by the following questions: Why ISIS and not Bashar? Why ISIS and not Houthis? The victims of Bashar are more than the victims of ISIS. Why didn’t they attack Bashar?

The majority of the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria are supporting ISIS because they were treated very badly and were deprived of all their rights.


It was an expected day. For years, the Islamic symbols prevailed in Egypt. Women wore hijabs in all the Egyptian cities. The mosques were very crowded throughout the day. The Islamic TV channels were in every home. The age of marriage decreased in all Egyptian cities. The Islamic symbols prevailed all over Egypt.

The Islamic politicians won the elections throughout Egypt. But they were a new and different generation of the Islamic politicians. Many previous Islamic politicians won their popularity through clashes with the west. But the new politicians’ project was the Islamic Civilization based on the spiritual Islamic principles and the scientific Western Civilization. The earlier Islamic Civilization respected the scientific Greek, Roman, Persian and Indian Civilizations. And these new politicians respected the scientific Western Civilization. But they believed that the spiritual Islamic principles are the only way to true happiness and internal peace. They believed that all men and women are the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. They wanted good for all people and they believed that many westerners could not be blamed for their attitude towards Islam because many Muslims were themselves lawyers against Islam.

The Egyptian Christians knew this new generation very well. They shared in the new government. They had their own courts for their affairs according to their religion. They were not enforced to convert to Islam. They had their religion. They shared in the military service and accordingly they didn’t pay any taxes due to their religion. In the past, non-Muslims paid tax because they didn’t share in the military service. But in the past too, when some Christians shared in the military service, they didn’t pay this tax.

In his first speech, the new President said: “The Islamic Civilization is the keyword of our policy. We don’t want to talk to the world about Islam. But the world should see the Islamic Civilization in our country. Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Computer, Electronics, Agriculture……..etc are the keywords of our civilization. The Islamic spiritual principles will be widely accepted throughout the world when they see our civilization. The Islamic spiritual principles will carry true happiness, internal peace and harmony to all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

America and the European countries reacted wisely. They stressed that the new government should respect democracy and human rights. They decided to wait and give the new politicians a chance despite the fact that some sects of the American and European societies were pushing in the direction of clashes with the new politicians.

The President had a meeting with the scientists. He said: “You have only seven months to prove that you are really great scientists. You will get everything you need. But your efforts will be the main factor. I know that seven months is a short period, but give me something to say to the world: “This is the Islamic Civilization.” You will get everything you need.” Two months passed and the scientists were working very hard. But the good news came from Mona Ibrahim who discovered a new theory in physics. Mona was a housewife who graduated from the Faculty of Science. The new scientific policy gave the chance for every researcher to enter all laboratories in Egypt and do whatever experiments he/she wants. The news of her theory spread all over the world. Many American and European scientists said that she deserved the Nobel Prize.

The cinema was in harmony with the new policies. The science fiction films were the predominant. One film was about a group of Egyptian astronauts who travelled to Mars. Another film was about adventures in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Egyptian TV had an interview with the new President. He was asked the following question: “The history of clashes between the Islamic and the Western Worlds is well known. But we see a kind of harmony between Egypt and the West. What can you say?” The President said: “There was a history of clashes between the Islamic and Western Worlds. But our policy is based on the following pillars:

1- The new weapons gave the war one meaning: the destruction of the world and the end of human history.

2- The Holy Quran says:

“Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from turning to them (for friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances), that do wrong.”

3- The decision based on these two pillars was to start a new cooperation between Egypt and the West. And the majority of the politicians in America and Europe welcomed our decision.


Many agricultural and industrial projects were established. The rapid prosperity and welfare increased the popularity of the new Islamic politicians. Scientific research was the body of the New Islamic Civilization and the Islamic spiritual principles were its spirit. The new enthusiasm was the fuel of this civilization.

A new statement was declared in Moscow and Cairo at the same time. Egypt and Russia declared the birth of a new alliance between Russia and Egypt. In an interview with the Russian President, he said: “We have many things in common. The millions of the Russian Muslims are a unifying factor between Russia and Egypt. The scientific research is another unifying factor between us.”

Syria adopted the new Islamic policy. Algeria and Morocco declared the adoption of the New Islamic Policy and the New Islamic Civilization.

Some American and European politicians were very worried. A secret meeting was held in Paris between the American, European, Japanese and Chinese Presidents. After three days, the Chinese President said to a TV interviewer: “Every country has the right to choose his own policy.”

The main trend in the New Islamic Civilization’s art was the drawing of the natural scenes. The reflection of the human feelings on the natural scene was very obvious. The same scene was painted in different ways by sad, happy, pessimistic or optimistic artists. For the first time in Egyptian TV, the different paintings were shown nearly every hour between different programs. The paintings were published widely in different magazines and newspapers.

Two American newspapers started an attack against the new Islamic politicians. One wrote: “They pretend to be moderate, but they are radicals. They want to move the world back to the ages of darkness. We should stand very clearly against the Islamic Egypt.”

Many Indian politicians were worried about the increasing popularity of the new Islamic politicians among the Indian Muslims. Many African politicians were worried about the enormous number of African citizens who converted to Islam. They said that the structure of their societies would be changed.

Another five American newspapers shared in the attack against the Islamic Egypt. One writer said: “Islam is the danger. Millions of African citizens have converted to Islam. The Islamic danger is very near. Many Latin Americans have converted to Islam.”

In an interview with the Egyptian President, he said: “We are accused of illogical accusations. Millions of African citizens have converted to Islam. Where is the problem? We are not the rulers of these African countries. So, we didn’t force them to convert to Islam. Free citizens chose Islam by their free will. Where is the problem?”

A well known Egyptian writer who writes in English wrote a panoramic work about the history of Islam. His style was widely admired. Some critics described him as the new Shakespeare. An Egyptian chemist created a new group of organic chemical compounds. His team created thousands of compounds. Many chemists throughout the world said that the Egyptian chemist would certainly win the Nobel Prize. The new spirit was pushing the Egyptians towards success.

A book entitled: ‘The New Cold War Between Islam And The West’ appeared in America. It appeared in many best seller lists. The well known writer said: “In the past the war was impossible between America and the Soviet Union. But we started a cold war against the Soviet Union leading to the fall of the communist Soviet Union. War is now impossible, but we should start a new cold war against the new Islamic politicians.” The book was translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages.

Five minor political parties in Italy asked the government to declare clearly that Italy is against the new Islamic politicians. In France, many sects were pushing in the direction of clashes with the new Islamic politicians. They said that tolerance with the Islamic Egypt led to the Islamic Syria, Islamic Algeria and Islamic Morocco. More tolerance will lead to more Islamic countries.

Egypt was given the first prize from The Environment Friends Organization. Egyptian industry was proved to be the least polluting. Egypt’s production of Oxygen was more than its consumption. The green area of Egypt increased tremendously. The natural scene of Egypt was chosen as one of the most beautiful scenes all over the world.

Nineteen Senators asked the American President to announce clearly the start of the new cold war between America and the new Islamic politicians. The second political party in Germany asked for the announcement of the new cold war between the West and the new Islamic politicians.

The Prizes of the New Islamic Civilization was announced in Egypt. George Jacob was given the Prize of Agriculture. Mona Ibrahim was given the Prize of Physics. The youngest winner was Mohammad Ibrahim. He was 21 years old and was given the Prize of Computer and Information Technology.

The American President had a meeting for seven hours with the American diplomats in Egypt. He discussed with them the minute details of life in Egypt. He said to them: “In this meeting, I don’t want your opinions, but I want the pure facts. In another meeting, I will listen to your opinions and analysis. But I want now pure facts.” Another meeting was held including the President, the counselors, the major ministers, the American diplomats in Egypt and the great thinkers of America. It lasted for 18 hours interrupted by two breaks. The American President said to the journalists: “The Arab dictators destroyed their people, destroyed their countries and gave nothing to human civilization. War is now impossible because of the new weapons. The new Islamic politicians are wise men. I want to say that we should give the new Islamic politicians a chance. We should give the New Islamic Civilization a chance. What I say is not a haphazard statement, but it is a well studied decision. We should give the New Islamic Civilization a chance……….”





Wael El-Manzalawy

Wael El-Manzalawy is an Egyptian writer. He was born in 1973. He graduated from the English Department in the Faculty of Arts and has a Diploma from the Faculty of Education. He also graduated from an institute for preparing Islamic scholars. He writes articles and short stories in Arabic and English, his articles and short stories having been published in many newspapers, magazines and websites. He is a Facebook activist and has published 19 e books.


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