The Paris attacks and a “piecemeal Third World War”

November 17, 2015 OPINION/NEWS


Sattar Rind

The recent terrorist attack in Paris was a dreadful act of killing resulting in the world crying out in pain. But it is not enough in any sense for anyone to only cry and feel the pain of suffering as we may then think of ourselves as being helpless.

The question therefore that is being hammered home is why and how have a few hundred thousand people managed to kidnap the whole world. When they need to attack and kill innocent people, they can do so easily, even crossing a whole continent to act and put the entire populace into mourning.

It is believed that European or Western countries are highly equipped with modern security technologies, their intelligence agencies able even to count the number of feathers on a flying bird. How therefore is it possible for people to breach such security and enter another country to kill 134,  injuring 352, of which 99 are in a serious condition?

In the 1970s there was a major film made of the person with the code name ‘Jackal’ trying to kill the president of France General Charles de Gaulle on the occasion of the National Day army parade, but in the story an experienced police office ultimately found and killed the would be assassin instead.

It was possible that at the time, due to a lack of modern technology, the Jackal could have an assassination plan and get closer to his target, the film confirming that it was possible then to do so.

However by a simple stroke of luck General de Gaulle had been saved in the film. It was a fictional film. However, since the Gulf War it seems as though we have every day been observing through the media a live and very real film. In reality, it all happens, however painful, depressing and heartbreaking it is.

But now it is assumed that European or Western countries’ security has been breached. How did eight such people successively enter Europe, then France and then Paris, killing with guns and explosive devices in public places, a stadium, concert hall and cafés?

Nothing can change the failings of the security and intelligence services of Europe as a whole, particularly the security of France in general. They failed to detect the plan of the Paris attack that started from October 3rd as is currently being reported.

Where did they get suicidal jackets/vests and the material for such suicidal bombs? Where were they staying and where did they get guns? How could it be possible to move from their hideouts in Paris and cross a distance of ground, be it long or very short, to move into six different target points?

Following these questions we must not forget for any reason that these terrorists would not have remained normal in their general behaviour. The question then comes to mind is how did a concise and very conscious society, a highly equipped city with close circuit cameras not mark anyone as suspicious?

What comes to mind is that if the ‘unbreakable security’ is not a myth, then it only could be true if someone with great expertise and training backed the terrorists.

If this is the case, then who were they? The French government and Europe will surely soon come to know who was behind this heinous crime. What needs also to be asked is the question of why it has been done by such highly powerful people, country, individual or group.

However the statement of French president Francois Hollande has caught everybody’s attention and almost become a point of referral as he has declared such a terrorist attack as an “act of war” and that “it was planned outside the country” or that the “terrorists were Syrian ISIS” people.

Therefore France will “lead the fight and will be ruthless” he announced, which was his right however and justified the phrase “act of war”, much heavier and more difficult to go unnoticed, thus everyone focusing on it. Yes, it is alarming in the circumstances.

The Russian president soon condemned the attack and repeated the invitation to fight collectively against ISIS.

Above all ironically the most important statement came from Pope Francis the next day, stating that the attack is part of a “piecemeal Third World War.”

We must therefore be more conscious and, although it was an extremely condemnable terrorist attack, responding with the phrase “Act of war” might not be good to this world, in light of the Pope’s statement.

The people of the Western world, in particular those of France must react according to his standard. France must not though let those responsible for the killing of innocent people go free. They should be punished and need to be eliminated from the world, as they are a burden and unnecessary weight on this earth.

But before declaring war one must think of ways this can be achieved. To these forces, UN or Western countries or either Russia and US, why not cut the ISIS supply line and let them die in the desert and then send well equipped forces to finalise and capture?  Every State or their patrons know them, even they could count them without observing the written list.

Who does not know these things? Who doesn’t know who is giving them weapons? Who doesn’t know who is protecting them? Who doesn’t know in which factories they are being manufactured?

Why do these powerful countries not warn people of those who have made terrorism a profitable business. Who is purchasing oil and enslaving women and reciprocally providing them with everything they need for creating the ground for World War III?

Without finding answers to these questions, the phrase “Act of war” is extremely disturbing and is equal to one we heard in the past “Weapons of Mass Destruction;” the blame levelled against Iraq that it may have been holding dangerous weapons, but after killing 5 million people and placing the Muslim world in great destruction and suffering, no single weapons were ever found.

A repeat of this should therefore be avoided, a proper strategy needing to be outlined. If we do not keep our senses, even in this enormously painful situation, and proceed with any such hasty action, then we will observe an extreme clash of civilization between Muslims and the West.

This is a trap the fundamentalists are attempting to put the world into, hoping to create a long chain of reactions that go out of control. Ultimately this will lead the world to a Third World War. We should be focused with “Jackal” eyes. We must not be detracted.








Sattar Rind

Sattar Rind lives in Sindh, Pakistan. and is an Author with four books to his credit. three poetry and one on politics. As a Columnist he has written for a number of newspapers and magazines since 1991. Sattar can be contacted at the following email address: [email protected]

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