Sub-Saharan Africans consider religious freedom more important, according to survey

November 20, 2015 OPINION/NEWS


Adisa Amanor Wilks

Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East are among the least likely supporters of free speech, press and internet freedom, a new Pew survey has found. Although opposed to censorship, Indonesians, Palestinians, Burkinabe and Vietnamese do not see free expression as important.

The Pew Research Centre which polled 38 nations found that on the whole people around the world nonetheless embrace fundamental democratic values, including free expression. More than 50% of those polled consider a free press and freedom on the internet very important.




While free expression is popular around the globe, other rights were even more popular – freedom of religion, gender equality, and honest, competitive elections.




People in sub-Saharan Africa were the most supporters of religious freedoms compared to Europeans who were especially likely to want gender equality and competitive elections.


The full results of the survey are available at:





Adisa Amanor Wilks

Adisa is an experienced international journalist and charity communications professional. I dream of when the African narrative will change to reflect the hope and beauty of the people.


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